Organization Tips For Residents Of Assisted Living In Fullerton

While there are many perks associated with assisted living in Fullerton, downsizing can be one of the most difficult and stressful aspects of this move. Typically, you will find that apartments for assisted living in Fullerton will range from about 350 square feet up to about 800 square feet. Many facilities include smaller studio apartments Read More

Moving To Assisted Living In Yorba Linda? Do This First

Assisted living in Yorba Linda can make one’s life far easier, but, as with any move, there are plenty of tasks that must be accomplished prior to settling in to your new home. Before you make the move, consider completing all of the following tasks. 1. Downsize Your Belongings When you move into assisted living Read More

Assisted Living: Should You Bring Your Pet?

While more assisted living facilities are now adapting to seniors who have pets, not all facilities allow the elderly to bring their pets along and with very good reasons. Research has continually indicated that there are numerous health benefits of interactions with animals. For this reason, there are proponents of allowing seniors to bring their Read More

Helping A Loved One Transition Into Assisted Living In Anaheim

As people grow older, they certainly can become quite set in their ways and can be quite stubborn and this can make the move into assisted living in Anaheim tricky. There are significant changes involved when an elderly person has to move into an assisted living facility. Some might resist the move altogether and it Read More

Tips for Selecting an Assisted Living Facility for a Person with Dementia

When you choose to look for assisted living for a person with dementia, it is vital that you keep some ground rules in mind. While choosing to look for residential care is never easy, there are certain factors that will help you with the decision. Remain Practical About Present & Future Needs If you are Read More

4 Tips For Assisted Living in Orange County

While the staff at Care Placement can provide you with a comprehensive list of pre-screened facilities for assisted living in Orange County, there are a few tips that you need to consider as you visit each facility. Our list will include facilities that meet your care needs and budget, but it’s up to you and Read More

4 Great Things To Bring To Assisted Living In Rancho San Diego

Downsizing is one of the trickiest elements of moving into assisted living in Rancho San Diego. While you will still have your own private apartment, these apartments are quite small, so you obviously cannot take many of your beloved items. While this can be troubling, it’s best to focus on what items you can and Read More

Understanding The Jargon and Types of Senior Care

Every business seems to have its own jargon and eldercare is no exception. If you have never had any experience with the various types of senior care, it can be a bit mystifying when people begin mentioning ADLs and SNFs. It’s enough to make your head swim. If you are considering assisted living in San Read More

Visiting A Person With Dementia Or Alzheimer’s Disease

It is not uncommon for family members or friends to feel apprehensive prior to visiting a loved one who lives at a facility for assisted living, especially if the person suffers from any type of dementia. However, while it can be difficult, these visits are important, and they don’t have to be unpleasant. Here are Read More

Can You Trust Your Parents’ In-Home Care Worker?

Elder abuse is more common than most of like to admit. Seniors who have a high amount of physical care needs or who may be suffering from dementia are especially vulnerable to abuse. Elder abuse can happen in almost any circumstance, including in a nursing home, at the home of a family member or in Read More