Affording Retirement: Don’t Count on Pensions

When it came to affording retirement, the old assumption could be imagined as three legs holding up a stool. The first leg was retirement savings, the second leg was social security and the third leg was monthly pension payments. However, that stool is beginning to look pretty wobbly these days. That’s because today’s workers can Read More

Assisted Living for Veterans: A Few Options in San Diego

Eldercare, whether it’s assisted living, memory care or skilled nursing care, can be quite expensive. However, veterans have a few options that can make assisted living more affordable. Care Homes Especially for Veterans Currently, there are eight veteran eldercare facilities in California. San Diego County does have one veteran’s care home, which is located in Read More

Do You Qualify For VA Pension Benefits?

Most veterans of the U.S. Military are aware that they can receive disability compensation if they were injured while on active duty. However, few veterans know about a special military program that is meant to help veterans who are disabled and struggling financially: VA Pension benefits. The VA’s pension program can seem a little complicated Read More