About Us

Since 1999, Care Placement has been dedicated to providing families in the San Diego and Orange counties and surrounding areas with exceptional service from a knowledgeable and compassionate team of senior care advisors. Finding the right home for your loved one can be overwhelming and we are committed to help make that process easier for you. We have friendly and experienced staff ready to assist you in finding the right home in your area. Find out more about what makes us different and how we can help you and your family make the right choice.

Overwhelming. Stressful. Heart-rending. 

When you or someone you love experiences a decline in health and increased care needs, you’re probably feeling a flood of emotions similar to these. At the same time, you may be faced with making difficult life decisions with very little time to do so. We’re here to help.

Our experienced and friendly advisors are committed to help take some of that pressure and anxiety away by walking you through the process and helping to narrow the many options to just those that fit your specific needs and budget.

What We Do: 

We maintain an extensive and exclusive database of over 2,500 Licensed Care Providers in and around San Diego and Orange Counties. We will help you assess your specific needs to provide personalized assistance in locating the right Care Provider that fits your unique criteria, including care needs, location and budget. Rather than blasting your email with every possible availability in the state, we prescreen every lead we send to you to ensure it is tailor-made to fit you.

In addition to your current care and comfort needs, it’s also important to consider possible future needs as well. (See our ‘Assessment Tool’) We take great care in assisting you so you can make informed, objective choices by providing the tools and knowledge to evaluate the different providers and confidently navigate through the information.

Individual Attention:

 No two persons are alike. Each individual has their own unique physical, social and emotional care requirements, combined with family dynamics, budget constraints and the need to be close to family and friends. Each person’s situation is unlike anyone else’s. Care Providers are similarly unique. Of the thousands of providers located in the County, there may only be a few that give you that ‘hand in glove’ fit that makes a care provider feel like they are an extension of your own family. Our care advisors will personally meet with you and your family to make sure they understand your situation so they can find options that most closely fit your needs.


Our experienced and caring advisors live right here in our community. We’re not a yellow pages service, and were definitely not a corporate internet marketing firm selling your information to the highest bidder. We would never do that. We work, play and care for our families right here. We personally and regularly visit each care provider, meet their staff, taste their food, review their records with California’s Community Care Licensing Division, and do other extensive evaluations, including survey what families are saying about them from their own first-hand experiences, and freely share that information with you so you are well-informed about the providers on your list.


Our reputation among the local healthcare community is unsurpassed. More hospitals, doctors, nurses, and social workers refer Care Placement than any other resource here. Families we work with will turn to us often for assistance and advice, and regularly refer their family and friends to us.

How We Work: 

Our services are completely free to families since we are compensated through a “finder’s fee” paid by the care provider as part of their budgeted marketing costs. Since we work with hundreds of care providers, we will recommend as many providers as you would like that fit your specific needs and budget. Because of our many longstanding relationships in the area, we know about special offers and discounted rates the facilities offer from time to time and can negotiate on your behalf to get you the lowest rate possible. Our primary goal is to help families in our community find good quality care and services within their budget. Knowing they are happy and well cared for gives us great satisfaction of a job well done.