Affording Retirement: Don’t Count on Pensions

When it came to affording retirement, the old assumption could be imagined as three legs holding up a stool. The first leg was retirement savings, the second leg was social security and the third leg was monthly pension payments. However, that stool is beginning to look pretty wobbly these days. That’s because today’s workers can Read More

Assisted Living In Oceanside: Keeping The Costs Down

The cost of assisted living in Oceanside can be a big concern for families. At Care Placement, we know that budget is often the main deciding factor when it comes to making a choice about eldercare. While it might seem expensive, there are a few ways to make assisted living a bit more affordable. 1. Read More

Paying For Assisted Living In Newport Beach

Are you considering moving to assisted living in Newport Beach? Perhaps you are wondering how to afford the care. Assisted living has obvious benefits for those with mobility issues or those who are unable to effectively carry out daily personal care tasks.  Assisted living communities offer emotional and physical support to their residents. However, this Read More

Will Your Continuing Care Community Be Around Long Enough To Meet All Your Needs?

A relatively new option in long-term care living is the Continuing Care Community (CCRC) , which offers three levels of care options for its residents. Seniors usually move in when they are healthy and active and enjoy independent living. When a member of the community can no longer live independently, they move to the second Read More

Financial Planning For Assisted Living

Because people are living longer and longer, planning for the financial future is more important than ever. The cost of housing and senior care continue to increase, and we are stretching our retirement funds to their limits. Many older ones try to live at home as long as possible to save money, but a sudden Read More

Comparing The Costs Of Board And Care In Del Mar Vs. Living At Home

A recent cost survey by insurance company Genworth Financial indicated that the median monthly rates for a one-bedroom assisted living or board and care apartment in California will run about $3,750 per month. Certainly, this seems like a great expense, but it can be manageable. It can help to compare the costs of living at Read More

Are Your Retirement Savings Enough To Pay For Nursing Home Care?

Two important trends paint a very dark picture for the future of long-term care in America. The first trend is the continually increasing price of long-term care. Nursing homes, one of the most popular long-term care options, cost an average of $264 a day for a private room in California. That adds up to more Read More

5 Secrets For Selecting A Facility For Assisted Living In Encinitas

Assisted living in Encinitas can be the best option for an older adult that is in good health overall but does need some extra help due to mobility issues. It also can be a great option for someone who would prefer to not have to deal with home repairs, yardwork and the other responsibilities that Read More

Cost Of Independent Living Facilities

Independent living facilities have become incredibly popular as the baby boomer generation seeks to live active and independent lives as they age. There are a wide variety of independent living facilities and communities available, and the cost of living differs accordingly. At the high end of the scale, residents purchase houses or condos in luxurious Read More

Paying For Board And Care In Dana Point

One of the most common questions that we are asked is how to pay for assisted living or board and care, especially in a coastal town like Dana Point. These types of facilities can be quite expensive, with good reason. Check out this view from the living room of Astoria Senior Care Homes at Monarch Read More