Board & Care in Fullerton: Is It Your Best Option?

If you are considering the board and care option for a loved one, you may have many questions. One of your biggest concerns might be whether or not board and care in Fullerton is the better choice compared to a larger assisted living community?  The term “board and care home” is commonly used in California Read More

Organization Tips For Residents Of Assisted Living In Fullerton

While there are many perks associated with assisted living in Fullerton, downsizing can be one of the most difficult and stressful aspects of this move. Typically, you will find that apartments for assisted living in Fullerton will range from about 350 square feet up to about 800 square feet. Many facilities include smaller studio apartments Read More

Dogs, Seniors & Assisted Living In Fullerton, Orange County

There is plenty of evidence out there to suggest that pet ownership greatly improves our overall health. People who own pets have been found to be healthier in general and are less depressed than people without pets. While this is true for people of all ages, pets can be a great friend to an older Read More