Sapphire Pacific Residential Care Facilities

Often times, an RCFE owner will open multiple homes in a region, which we here at Care Placement call a “Home Group.” These Home Groups usually have certain traits that characterize every home that reflect the priorities of their common owner. This is most definitely the case with the home group Sapphire Pacific Residential Care. Read More

4 Excursions For Seniors At Assisted Living In San Marcos

For seniors living at a facility for assisted living in San Marcos, you have the advantage of residing in one of the most interesting areas of the country. While your home for assisted living in San Marcos probably provides plenty of daily activities as well as some excursions during the month, if family and friends Read More

Gifts For Residents In Assisted Living In San Marcos, San Diego

Apartments at facilities for assisted living in San Marcos or San Diego County typically aren’t very large. Even a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment has a limited amount of space. While this actually simplifies life in many ways, if you are buying a gift for a loved one in assisted living, it does mean you need Read More

Information About Assisted Living In San Marcos & San Diego

If you have reached a point in your life when daily chores are difficult and keeping up with household chores seems impossible, it might be wise to consider assisted living in San Marcos or elsewhere in San Diego. There are many options throughout San Diego, including large communities for assisted living in San Marcos as Read More