Tips When Moving Into Memory Care Assisted Living In San Diego

While moving into a facility for assisted living in San Diego is a tough change for anyone to make, it can be especially difficult and upsetting for a person with dementia or Alzheimer’s. It’s quite easy for a person with dementia to become quickly agitated and fearful and making a huge change can be an Read More

Moving To Assisted Living In Yorba Linda? Do This First

Assisted living in Yorba Linda can make one’s life far easier, but, as with any move, there are plenty of tasks that must be accomplished prior to settling in to your new home. Before you make the move, consider completing all of the following tasks. 1. Downsize Your Belongings When you move into assisted living Read More

5 Great Things To Bring To Assisted Living In San Diego

Downsizing is one of the trickiest elements of moving into assisted living in San Diego. While you may still have your own private apartment, these apartments are quite small, meaning you may have to leave many beloved items behind. While this can be troubling, it’s best to focus on what items you can and should Read More

Packing Tips For Assisted Living

Often times, when a senior moves into Assisted Living, they are leaving a home full of memories. It isn’t possible to bring all their belongings into their new apartment. It can be a challenge to decide what to pack and what to let go. To help, here are some packing tips for moving in to Read More

Reduce The Stress Of Moving Into Assisted Living

While it might seem like simply making the decision to move into an assisted living community was the toughest choice you have to make, for many people downsizing, packing and moving ends up being the most stressful part of the journey. Over the years we collect a lot of stuff, and many items have sentimental Read More

Helping Your Parent Transition To Assisted Living

Moving is always a difficult and trying experience, but it can be even more so if you are helping your parent transition to an assisted living community. Many seniors have lived in their homes for decades and are sad to leave their old, comfortable trappings behind even if it is in their best interest to Read More