Woodland Borden Care Fights Senior Depression

Depression is a serious concern in the aging community, especially among those with other health issues. According to the CDC, as little as 1% of seniors suffer from major depression, but that rises to as many as 13.5% in those who require care. Senior Living Facilities, such as Woodland Borden Care, fight an ongoing battle Read More

Depression in the Elderly

According to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, about 14 out of 86 suicides that take place daily in the United States are committed by senior citizens over the age of 65. Statistically, senior citizens are lower risk than teenagers and middle aged individuals when it comes to suicide. However, according to the Read More

Seniors & Depression: Some Common Signs

While scientists might not know exactly what causes depression, many factors can contribute to the development of depression. Sometimes people mistakenly believe that depression is a normal occurrence when one becomes elderly, but it is a medical issue and requires treatment. Here are a few common signs of depression that you might see in older Read More