What is a Veterans Care Home?

There are currently 137 Veterans Care Homes in the United States with 18 future homes coming.

The State of California has 8 Veterans Homes, and is still listed as one of two states in “Great Need” for additional Veterans Homes.

Type of Care:

Veterans Homes usually have 3 levels of care,

  • Independent: Resident needs to be able to perform normal activities of daily living (dressing, bathing, etc.).
    Includes meals, utilities, washer and dryer’s.
  • Assisted Living: Resident needs assistance to perform some activities of daily living
    Memory Loss, confusion, dressing, bathing, grooming, medication management and more.
  • Skilled Nursing: Resident needs services of licensed nurses.
    May require rehabilitation, heavy ambulation issues, medical needs or therapies. Memory issues.


There can be as much as a 3 year waiting list for Assisted Living, and as few as 3 weeks in Independent Living and Skilled Nursing in some Veterans Homes in California.

General Information:

Veterans Homes generally do not offer private rooms; nearly all rooms are shared with another resident unless there are special needs required. Spouses with assisted or skilled needs can accompany Veterans, but they need to apply separately. No pets are accepted. A Veteran can bring his or her own car on premises if they meet certain criteria, and due to limited space, personal items may be limited.

Veterans Care Rates:

All residents will retain at least $165.00 per month.

  • Independent Care: 47.5% of resident’s income.
  • Assisted Living: 55% of resident’s income.
  • Intermediate Care: 65% of resident’s income.
  • Skilled Nursing Care: 70% of residents income.

*Residents receiving Aid and Attendance benefits (A&A) contribute the full benefit to the Veterans Home.

Skilled Nursing Care:

For immediate, heavy, Skilled Nursing care outside of the area of the Veterans Homes, independently operated Nursing Homes are another option that also provide heavy care to Veterans who have a 70% or greater service connected disability.

These homes may be contracted by the U.S. Veterans Affairs and/or by local State Governments. To find a Skilled Nursing home for a disabled Vet, contact the Department of Veterans Affairs VA benefits hotline at (800) 827-1000.

For assistance in finding immediate openings in Veteran friendly Assisted Living communities or Board and Care homes, and for specially negotiated Veterans rates call Care Placement at 619-660-8814.

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