3 Tips For Families Searching For Assisted Living In San Clemente

When looking for a facility for assisted living in San Clemente, your family is bound to have a number of questions and concerns as you ponder the different pros and cons. There are different factors to consider in cost, distance and level of care needed. This can be a delicate balancing act that is clouded with emotions as you are handing over the care of your loved one to strangers. There are some tips to help find the perfect balance in all these considerations and ensure that you get the best care available.

Stay Close To Family & Friends

Obviously, you will want to visit your loved one from time to time. The distance to the assisted living facility should be convenient for family members, particularly the immediate family. Your senior relative will need to see familiar faces as much as possible to avoid feeling abandoned and lonely. You also will need to be close enough in case there is a quick decision to be made that requires the presence of a family member.

Staying close to home makes it easier for your loved one’s friends to visit as well. Considering that their friends typically are in the same age bracket, these friends might also have mobility issues or little access to transportation, so staying as close as possible makes it easier to stay in touch. If you cannot find a suitable community for assisted living in San Clemente, consider nearby options such as Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano or perhaps Mission Viejo.

Choose An Appropriate Level Of Care

You will need to consider the level of care your loved one will need. Senior citizens living with degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s or dementia will need more specialized care. Different facilities will have different levels of personal care. The level of care also will depend on the professionalism of the staff and the number of senior residents in the facility and the amenities offered.

Generally, fewer senior residents will have a higher level of personalized care, but this is not always the case as some facilities for assisted living in San Clemente have a large enough staff to handle many residents. Don’t forget to consider future care needs as well as the current care needs. Over time, your loved one might need more services, so be sure that the facility you select can meet the future needs and present ones.

Monitor Staff Attention & Engagement

Your loved one’s care will be in the hands of strangers. If they do not have the professional training and a compassionate and friendly nature, your loved one is likely to suffer neglect and mistreatment. Look for an assisted living San Clemente facility where the staff exhibit professionalism when handling the current residents. Observe interactions between staff and residents and don’t be afraid to ask residents about the quality of their care. While there are always one or two people who grumble generally about their lives, if most of the residents seem happy and satisfied with their care, this indicates that the staff is attentive and well-trained.

Be sure to visit multiple facilities and take notes during your visit. Don’t be shy about asking questions or visiting multiple times. After all, you want your loved one to be as happy and safe as possible, so doing some research can bring you great peace of mind. You can start your search for assisted living in San Clemente by filling out our online questionnaire, we will have one of our team members call you to help and find pre-screened facilities that fit your budget as well as your care needs.

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