Poll Reveals More Stress in Caring for Spouse than for a Parent

A new poll reveals that the most stressful kind of caregiving is for a frail spouse. The population is aging, but unfortunately not many people are preparing for the time when they will require assistance despite the fact that government figures show nearly 7 in 10 Americans will need long-term care at some point after Read More

Chula Vista Veterans Home had HIV Scare

The Chula Vista Veterans Home Director was expelled this month due to a sudden increase in negative findings from state health inspectors. The most serious discovery was the failure to maintain sterilization equipment at the clinic where residents were receiving dental care. State health inspectors discovered that the equipment had not been working properly for Read More

Care for Seniors to Prevent Wandering from Alzheimers

Pop culture has oftentimes put a comedic spin on senility. One popular television show documents the adventures of a young man raising his daughter while living with his parents and his senile Grandmother. The senile Grandmother is the comedic relief. But Dementia is not a fun or a funny condition. One form of dementia, Alzheimers Read More

Nurse Sex Video Prompts Elder Abuse Investigation & Nurses’ Licences are Suspended

When news hit yesterday about Russel O. Torralba, one of two male registered nurses being suspended for elder abuse, Care Placement wasn’t altogether surprised. Disturbing videos surfaced that show Torralba and Alfredo V. Ruiz apparently engaging in sex acts with each other while at the bedside of a 98-year-old bedridden stroke patient under their care, Read More