Sapphire Pacific Residential Care Facilities

Often times, an RCFE owner will open multiple homes in a region, which we here at Care Placement call a “Home Group.” These Home Groups usually have certain traits that characterize every home that reflect the priorities of their common owner. This is most definitely the case with the home group Sapphire Pacific Residential Care. Read More

Board And Care Escondido: Adjusting To The Changes

There are millions of Americans living in board and care homes or assisted living homes. For all of them, it was a big transition – moving from their home into a small apartment or small room. Making these big changes can be easier for some people than others, and if you are thinking about moving Read More

Assisted Living Escondido: Before You Select A Facility

If you are considering moving into a facility for assisted living in Escondido, you probably have hundreds of questions and more than a few concerns. There are many assisted living communities in San Diego County, and to select the best possible facility for your needs, consider the following information. Making the decision to live in Read More