Understanding The Jargon and Types of Senior Care

Every business seems to have its own jargon and eldercare is no exception. If you have never had any experience with the various types of senior care, it can be a bit mystifying when people begin mentioning ADLs and SNFs. It’s enough to make your head swim. If you are considering assisted living in San Read More

Cost Of Independent Living Facilities

Independent living facilities have become incredibly popular as the baby boomer generation seeks to live active and independent lives as they age. There are a wide variety of independent living facilities and communities available, and the cost of living differs accordingly. At the high end of the scale, residents purchase houses or condos in luxurious Read More

Independent Living Vs Assisted Living

There are plenty of good reasons to consider moving into a retirement community or assisted living. However, it is important to note that these are two very different things, and it can be difficult to know which is the right choice for your needs. What really is the difference between Independent Living and Assisted Living? Read More

Different Levels Of Independent Living

There may come a time when you, a parent, or an aging loved one no longer feels comfortable living in your home but does not yet need nursing home care. The retirement of the baby boomer generation has coincided with the increasing popularity of independent living communities, which come in all shapes and sizes and Read More

The Independent Living Debate For Seniors Needing Care

When it comes to senior housing, there are a surprising number of options available to seniors. While discussions tend to range between assisted living, senior communities and nursing homes, a significant debate exists on the issue of independent living. Independent living is pretty much what it sounds like. A person lives independently in their home Read More