4 Do’s and Don’ts of Searching For Board And Care

When searching for Board and Care, you might overlook some issues that could lead to paying higher than you budgeted or having inadequate care for your loved one. Board and Care homes can be an option that provide a person with all of the care that they need.  Choosing the right Board and Care community is crucial considering that your loved one will likely spend their remaining years at the home, and you want them to be as happy as possible. In order to make the best choice, avoid the following mistakes.

Include several homes in your search for Board & Care

DON’T: Look At Just One Or Two Facilities

Do not limit your choices by only looking at one or two facilities. The wider your choices are, the better chances there are of finding the perfect amenities at an affordable cost.  It is better to look at a minimum of five places before making a decision. This will give you an idea of what to look for in amenities, staff and how well the place is adapted to the needs of your loved one. Talk to seniors who are already in place to learn how well they like it.

DON’T: Shop In Just One Town

You may want Board and Care in Fountain Valley so that you are close to your loved one, but the facilities in place might not be what you truly need. Expanding your search to the surrounding towns and cities could yield what you are looking for. If distance is a major consideration, you could choose a facility that is in the range of just 30 to 45 minutes away. For instance, rather than just look in Fountain Valley, consider looking in Huntington Beach or Costa Mesa, as well.

Our Search Homes page allows you to filter simultaneously by home type and multiple neighborhoods. Give it a shot.

Searching for Board & Care in nearby cities greatly increases your options.
Searching for Board & Care in nearby cities greatly increases your options.

DO: Consider Your Loved One’s Unique Personality

Your loved one will be in a community where personality plays a big role in day to day interactions. If he/she has an outgoing personality, placing them in a community with very few people can make them feel out of place and locked in. On the other hand, if he/she has a more introverted personality, placing them in a large, busy facility might make them irritable and emotionally agitated. Try to match your loved one’s personality to the right environment.

While Board and Care homes are smaller than Assisted Living communities, there still is a range of personalities to be found in any home. Be sure to have your loved one visit the home and spend some time talking with residents. If you can find a home where your loved one actually already knows one of the residents, this can be ideal.

DO: Think About The Future

Your loved one’s capabilities might gradually deteriorate with time making chores he or she can do today difficult to carry out in the future. Anticipate the needs of your loved one to ensure that the facility you choose today can accommodate their future needs. This will allow you to keep them in a familiar setting, rather than having to move if their needs change.

Most people are unfamiliar with the many eldercare options available, and we know it can be tough to get started searching for a great Board and Care home or assisted living community. At Care Placement, our team can provide you with a free list of suitable facilities for your loved one. Wherever you need Board and Care in Orange County, we can help match you to several good options.

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