Assisted Living In Del Mar: 4 Great Benefits

Assisted living in Del Mar can be an ideal option for an older adult to consider rather than living in their private home. This is especially true for someone who needs some level of daily care. Here are just a few benefits that you enjoy in assisted living in Del Mar. 1. It’s Safer For Read More

Comparing The Costs Of Board And Care In Del Mar Vs. Living At Home

A recent cost survey by insurance company Genworth Financial indicated that the median monthly rates for a one-bedroom assisted living or board and care apartment in California will run about $3,750 per month. Certainly, this seems like a great expense, but it can be manageable. It can help to compare the costs of living at Read More

Independent Living Versus Assisted Living In Del Mar

There are plenty of good reasons to consider moving into a retirement community or assisted living in Del Mar. However, it is important to note that these are two very different things, yet both cater to seniors that are still fairly independent. A retirement community typically is a place for an older adult that needs Read More