5 Secrets For Selecting A Facility For Assisted Living In Encinitas

Assisted living in Encinitas can be the best option for an older adult that is in good health overall but does need some extra help due to mobility issues. It also can be a great option for someone who would prefer to not have to deal with home repairs, yardwork and the other responsibilities that come with living in a private home.

While there are many reasons to consider a move to assisted living in Encinitas, choosing the best facility can be tricky. We have a few tips that might help you get the best possible deal and choose a great community that you truly will enjoy.

1. Look Outside Your Favorite City

You might have your heart set on assisted living in Del Mar or perhaps assisted living in Encinitas, but it’s wise to look at nearby cities as well. Often, you select a particular city because it’s the same town where friends and family still live. However, you might actually find a better facility in another community or town. It can be worth driving a few miles away to select the best possible assisted living option for you.

In addition to finding a better fit for you, looking outside your initial city choice also can net you a better deal. Perhaps you were hoping for an assisted living facility in La Jolla or Carlsbad, when there’s actually a facility for assisted living in Encinitas with lower monthly fees but plenty of great amenities. There are great assisted living communities throughout San Diego County, and we can help you find solid options in your favorite city as well as nearby communities.

2. Think About Size

There’s no doubt that one of the most difficult aspects of moving into assisted living in Encinitas is downsizing. It can be tough moving from your home into a much smaller space but it also can be quite freeing to lighten the load. You might be thinking about opting for a two-bedroom apartment in your new assisted living community just to provide you with a larger space. While it’s certainly understandable that you might want a larger apartment, it does cost quite a bit more per month and you might be better off finding other ways to spend that money. Also, many assisted living communities have only one-bedroom apartments and studio apartments.

If you do find a two-bedroom assisted living apartment, you could pay anywhere from $500 to $1,000 or more per month for this extra space. It might be better to save the money and use it for monthly excursions or perhaps even a vacation. You also might consider moving into a studio apartment in a community that offers a large selection of amenities. If the offerings include many activities that you enjoy, chances are you won’t be spending a ton of time in your room anyway. 

3. Check Out The Long-Term Care Ombudsman Website

You might not have ever heard of an ombudsman but this is a person who basically acts as an advocate for another person. With the long-term care ombudsman, this is an advocate for those who live in assisted living facilities, board and care homes and skilled nursing facilities. In San Diego, there is a long-term care ombudsman program that can help you with many care-related issues. You can contact the ombudsman offices and inquire about the care facilities that you are considering. Unfortunately, while California has many great assisted living facilities, they don’t have any easy way for consumers to look up information about a specific facility online.

This is one of the reasons why we recommend that you use our free services. It can be tough to find a facility for assisted living in Encinitas on your own, and we provide you with a list of pre-screened communities. This can bring you some piece of mind about the quality of each facility. However, you also want to trust your best judgement when heading out on a tour of a facility. You need to select a facility where you believe that you will feel comfortable and happy.

4. Prices May Not Be Set In Stone

When you look around at the websites for assisted living in Encinitas or assisted living in Carlsbad or another San Diego town, it can be tough to find the prices. At Care Placement, we have a quick questionnaire that includes details about your budget. After you fill out the questionnaire and speak to one of our representatives, you will be provided with a list of facilities that meet your criteria.

While each facility that you visit will provide you with the monthly costs, these prices are not necessarily the best rate you can get. Sometimes a facility will have a move-in special or perhaps will give you a special deal to encourage you to select their community for assisted living in Encinitas over another local facility. Don’t be shy about asking about move-in deals as well as discussing any other incentives that a facility manager might be willing to offer to entice you to choose their community.

5. Read The Contract Carefully

When it comes to prices, it is quite important that you understand exactly what will be included in the monthly fees. At some facilities for assisted living in Encinitas, the monthly costs might include three meals per day, weekly housekeeping, weekly laundry and tons of activities and amenities. At other facilities, some of these items might cost more.

This can be good or bad, depending on how you look at it. In some cases, you might not need some of the included amenities so having those items as add-ons might not be a bad thing. For instance, perhaps daily grooming care is an extra fee, but you don’t really need it so you might be fine not having that amenity included in the rates. Keep in mind that as you age, you might need extra services and these can cost more.

The bottom line is that you want to read that contract with a fine-tooth comb and be sure that you understand the rates, what’s included, how the rates may change in the future and all of the community rules and regulations. It definitely can help to have a trusted financial advisor or lawyer read over the contract. Don’t be shy about asking questions about the contract either. If the staff seems impatient with your questions, perhaps this isn’t the best facility for you.

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