Assisted Living In Oceanside: Keeping The Costs Down

The cost of assisted living in Oceanside can be a big concern for families. At Care Placement, we know that budget is often the main deciding factor when it comes to making a choice about eldercare. While it might seem expensive, there are a few ways to make assisted living a bit more affordable.

1. Shop Around For A Better Deal

Being flexible about location can save you money. While you might be targeting facilities for assisted living in Oceanside, there could be better options in other, nearby cities. For instance, you might consider looking for facilities in Escondido, Carlsbad or San Marcos. These are cities that are still within easy driving distance, and you might actually find a facility that better fits your needs and budgets in a nearby city.

2. Room Choice Can Affect Price

Some communities for assisted living offer an assortment of apartment and room options. Often there will be studio apartments in addition to one-bedroom apartments or two-bedroom units. Obviously, a larger apartment comes with a larger monthly fee, but it might be very tempting for a new resident to select a larger space, as it can be a bit of a shock moving from a spacious private home into a small, studio apartment.

Keep in mind, though, that assisted living communities include many common areas where residents can relax, as well as an assortment of activities during the day. You may be spending very little of your time in your room, so it might make good financial sense to opt for a studio apartment rather than paying for more space than you really need. Sharing an apartment also can be a great way to trim costs. This can be an excellent idea if two friends move into the same facility. Sharing the cost of assisted living can help you choose a better facility at a lower price.

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Outdoor area of Fairwinds Ivey Ranch Assisted Living in Oceanside.

3. Board & Care Can Be A More Affordable Choice

While a swanky assisted living community might sound ideal, there’s a lot to be said for the quiet, homeyness of a board and care home. Additionally, board and care homes often are less expensive than assisted living. Because you have six or fewer residents, you also tend to enjoy more personalized service. It is a good idea to look at board and care homes as well as assisted living communities before making a final decision.

4. Consider Medi-Cal’s Assisted Living Waiver Program

In some cases, if a person’s monthly gross income does not exceed $1,211, Medi-Cal might be an option to help cover some of the costs of assisted living. To qualify, you must not exceed that monthly gross income nor can you possess assets of more than $2,000. Your home and vehicle are not included in this asset limit.

5. Pick & Choose Your Amenities/Services

At some facilities for assisted living in Oceanside, many services and amenities are included in the rates. At other facilities, you pay one fee for rent and a few included amenities, and others are separate costs. That means you can sometimes lower the cost of assisted living by opting out of unneeded services. For instance, you might not need help with dressing or grooming, so you can skip this option and save a little bit each month.

Keep in mind that as people age, it is very likely that they will need help with daily chores such as grooming, bathing, using the bathroom and more. It is a good idea to select a facility that offers many services, which you can add on later if needed.

Don’t forget to ask about any move-in deals that a facility might be offering. You also could ask the facility manager if they would be willing to lock in the price for several years. It is not uncommon for facilities to raise the rates slightly when you renew your lease, but sometimes you can lock-in a rate for several years. It never hurts to ask, and asking could save you hundreds of dollars.

At Care Placement, we understand how overwhelming it can be to select a suitable eldercare facility for your loved one. If you need help locating assisted living in Oceanside or anywhere else in San Diego County, give us a call today and we will begin searching for communities that meet your loved one’s needs while staying within your loved one’s budget.

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