Sapphire Pacific Residential Care Facilities

Often times, an RCFE owner will open multiple homes in a region, which we here at Care Placement call a “Home Group.” These Home Groups usually have certain traits that characterize every home that reflect the priorities of their common owner. This is most definitely the case with the home group Sapphire Pacific Residential Care.

Several Sapphire Pacific homes can be found peppered around San Marcos and Escondido. Each one has something unique, like the putting green in the backyard of Sapphire Sunset, or the ocean views from Villa Ambrosia. No matter which location you visit, though, there are several features you will find constant, which prove the owners have the best interest of our older loved ones in mind.

They select houses with open floor plans, which allows caregivers an unobstructed view across several rooms at a time. Wide hallways, as well as wood or tile flooring make navigating the home easier and safer for residents with walkers or wheelchairs. Solid flooring also helps maintain cleanliness and prevents odors.

Another safety feature thoughtfully included in Sapphire Pacific homes are accessible showers. Wherever possible, they have included walk-in or low-clearance showers along with grab bars to prevent falls. Their showers are also spacious enough for caregivers to comfortably help with bathing.

Also provided in every bedroom at all locations are WiFi and cable TV, iPads, and phones, so that residents can relax in their own space and keep in touch with their loved ones. Ambient light through large bedroom windows helps contribute to overall well-being. So do their large backyards where residents can take advantage of the temperate San Diego weather. They proudly proclaim that their backyards are “typically the most popular place” to find residents because they have created enjoyable outdoor spaces, with walking paths, covered patios, and beautiful plants.

If you would like to know more about Sapphire Pacific homes, give us a call: (619) 660-8814

Sapphire Pacific Residential Care Facility Locations

Sapphire Chardonnay 1 - front view.JPG

Sapphire Chardonnay

San Marcos

Sapphire Sunset


Villa Ambrosia 1 - front.png

Villa Ambrosia

San Marcos

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