Dogs, Seniors & Assisted Living In Fullerton, Orange County

There is plenty of evidence out there to suggest that pet ownership greatly improves our overall health. People who own pets have been found to be healthier in general and are less depressed than people without pets. While this is true for people of all ages, pets can be a great friend to an older adult and there are many reasons why this is so.

For instance, when you have a pet, you have a constant companion. Dogs typically are quite happy to just sit with their owners and enjoy being petted or loved. They provide unconditional love and, for a person who might live alone, this companionship can be very important. Even if a person lives in a facility for assisted living in Fullerton or anywhere in Orange County, having a dog can bring a great deal of happiness.

Some communities for assisted living in Fullerton or elsewhere have therapy dogs that come and visit the residents once or twice each week. This has been found to be highly beneficial and reduces depression and anxiety. Therapy dogs especially can be of great benefit to those with Alzheimer’s disease or some other type of dementia. Sometimes a facility will simply have a cat or dog on the premises for everyone to enjoy.

Sunnycrest Senior Living in Fullerton
Sunnycrest Senior Living is a pet-friendly Assisted Living Home in Fullerton

You also might be surprised to find out that there are quite a few assisted living communities that allow residents to bring their pet. When it comes to publically-run facilities, pets cannot be prohibited unless the resident is unable to care for the pet adequately by themselves. Private assisted living communities can prohibit pets, but many see the benefits of pet ownership and allow residents to bring their furry companions.

There may be restrictions as to the size or weight of the animals and possibly the type of animal. Some homes for assisted living in Fullerton might just allow small dogs and cats, while others might also allow larger dogs and even birds, rabbits and fish.

If you do bring a pet to assisted living in Fullerton, be prepared to continue to take on full care of your animal. Many people in assisted living communities are perfectly able to handle day to day care of a dog or cat, and a mobile veterinarian service or grooming service could come and provide check-ups and grooming care. A loved one also could drive you and your dog or cat to the groomer’s or vet’s office for these services, as well. However, the staff at your assisted living facility typically will not be responsible for pet care.

In some cases, however, a person might truly not be able to care for a beloved pet anymore and it’s important to do what is best for the animal. If possible, have a family member take charge of the animal and bring it to your loved one as much as possible for visits. If you cannot take the dog or cat yourself, consider trying to find an adoptive home prior to your loved one’s move into assisted living in Fullerton or Orange County. There are adoption and rescue groups for virtually every breed of dog as well as all types of cats, and local shelters also can help with placement. It can bring great peace of mind knowing that their beloved pet has a good home, and lessens the pain of separation.

There are more than 100 pet-friendly facilities for assisted living in Orange County, including assisted living in Fullerton. If you need a dog-friendly or cat-friendly community, we can help you find the ideal place for you and your animal companion.

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