Board & Care in Fullerton: Is It Your Best Option?

If you are considering the board and care option for a loved one, you may have many questions. One of your biggest concerns might be whether or not board and care in Fullerton is the better choice compared to a larger assisted living community? 

The term “board and care home” is commonly used in California and also is known as a residential care home or group home. Board and care homes provide many of the same services as larger assisted living facilities, but typically are far smaller. Most board and care facilities will have six or fewer residents while assisted living communities could have as many as 50 residents or more.

Affordability Is A Huge Factor

Affordability is often the driving force behind any care decision made by families. Typically, board and care facilities are normal residential houses with each senior assigned a room, while seniors in assisted living communities are assigned an apartment. This makes board and care facilities less costly to run as a lower scale of services are needed to run the place.  For many seniors, a board and care facility is the most affordable choice.

More Attention From Staff

Due to the fewer number of residents in a board and care facility, the caregivers often are able to offer better care and more personal attention. The care in assisted living communities may be more hurried and less personal as the facility staff is in a hurry to finish up and move on to the next resident. For seniors with special needs like those living with dementia, a board and care facility can be a better option than a large, busy assisted living community.

More Personal Interaction

Your loved one in a board and care Fullerton facility will have better social interaction due to the close proximity of the other residents. There is time and opportunity for more interaction when sharing a house as members come together for meals and other activities. Residents of assisted living communities have a whole apartment to themselves and while this does allow for more privacy, it also can be isolating if your loved one tends to be a bit introverted and shy.

Fewer Distractions

The bigger number of residents in assisted living communities means there is always activity going on, more strangers and noise. The number of people in an assisted living community is bigger but many of the people are unfamiliar, such as support staff and  service companies. This could be uncomfortable for seniors who are easily upset emotionally. Residents of board and care facilities have a more serene environment as there are fewer activities happening.

It is wise to consider your loved one’s personality when choosing between assisted living or board and care. If your loved one enjoys plenty of activity and bustle, then assisted living might be a better option. If your loved one enjoys companionship, but on a smaller scale, board and care in Fullerton might be a better option. Before selecting a home, however, consider the personalities of the current residents. Eat a meal with them or chat in the living room to get a sense of what kind of people will be living with your loved one. If these residents seem like a match, personality-wise, this might be a good facility to consider.

When searching for board and care in Fullerton, it is best to visit many facilities. Write down the pros and cons of each facility in order to come up with a short list of the best choices. You can even search for a few homes outside of your immediate target area. If you are searching in Fullerton, consider also looking at facilities in Placentia, Yorba Linda, Anaheim and other nearby communities.

Getting started with your board and care search is simple with Care Placement. We are a free eldercare referral service, specializing in assisted living and board and care facilities throughout Orange County and San Diego County. To begin your search, fill out our “Assess Your Needs” questionnaire, and a representative will be in touch shortly to further discuss your care needs.

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  1. Allyson Shapiro says:

    My brother has Medicare and Medi-Cal.
    He currently lives at Gordon Lane. He is now in a wheelchair. Has dialysis 3-days weekly. He takes Psych meds as well. Trying to find out information as we begin the process for finding his long term home.

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