Referral Agencies Missed the Mark for Local Fire Captain

As you can imagine, the fire department frequently responds to emergency 911 calls at residential care homes for the elderly, also known as Board & Care homes, so when we received a call from EJ, a local fire captain, requesting our help to find a suitable care facility for his mother, we knew he was already very familiar with what to expect. He’s likely seen it all, the good, the bad and the ugly. Frankly, some of the board and care homes suggested by referral agencies wouldn’t be suitable as kennels, much less as places where our elderly population should receive care. (Don’t worry, we won’t refer the kennels.)

With our help, EJ was able to locate a fantastic board and care home in the San Diego suburb of Santee. We always check back with our clients to gain feedback on their personal experiences with the board and care communities we referred and to make sure they are happily settled in after their move. Here’s what EJ had to say,

“I am so happy with the care she’s receiving. The home is very close to us, and it is great for the price. The neighborhood is very nice, and they have a high caretaker to resident ratio. The place smells clean and always shows nice.”

EJ went on to give me the back history on his mother’s care experiences stating,

“Mom was at 2 different convalescent homes and at the hospital before living with my sister. While living at my sister’s home, physical therapists and registered nurses would come in to care for her. In all of these scenarios, she would eventually get very irritable and complain. But she has not once complained since moving to the home you suggested.”

Now, this is a lovely testimonial, but what really struck a chord is when EJ let me know that he had contacted two other referral agencies prior to contacting San Diego Care Placement. EJ opened up about his experience with the two other agencies saying,

“Honestly, if I had to rate anyone here it would be your service. You were there for me in my time of need and were the most responsive. I would not have been able to locate this home without you. The 3 other locations you recommended were all places we considered for her. I seriously do not understand why the other agencies did not recommend any of the same homes that you did.”

The reason is because we’re local; we live and work right here in East San Diego County just minutes away from the location where EJ was searching. In fact, we have personally visited nearly every assisted living provider in the San Diego and Orange County areas. Where did the other referral agencies miss? Large nationwide Internet assisted living referral services don’t really know the providers in San Diego.

There are competitors in every industry, but we excelled by treating EJ as he should’ve been treated, which included listening to him and providing solutions that fit what HE needed based on our knowledge and first hand experiences with these care homes.

Do you need help with placement? From someone who knows what they’re doing? Call us! You will get a real live person. We’d love to help you find just what you’re looking for.

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