Understanding MRSA – What is it?

These days, we hear more and more news about a dangerous disease called MRSA popping up almost anywhere: in hospitals, Senior Living Homes, schools… What is MRSA exactly? And what can you do to protect yourself and your loved ones? MRSA, or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, is a bacterium that causes staph infection. Depending on where Read More

The Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program

Many people don’t know about the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program, which is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Every state has an ombudsman program, and their job is to act as advocates for people who are residents of assisted living facilities, nursing homes, board and care homes and other types of Read More

Signs of Elder Abuse

While there are certainly many assisted living facilities, nursing homes and in-home caregivers doing a fantastic job caring for the elderly, abuse is something that many family members worry about. As our loved ones age and are less able to live independently, often the only option is to find a facility or caregiver to help Read More

Chula Vista Veterans Home had HIV Scare

The Chula Vista Veterans Home Director was expelled this month due to a sudden increase in negative findings from state health inspectors. The most serious discovery was the failure to maintain sterilization equipment at the clinic where residents were receiving dental care. State health inspectors discovered that the equipment had not been working properly for Read More