Celia Cordova: Senior Placement Assistant

Celia Cordova was hired by Care Placement in August of 2021. She started out answering phone calls and has advanced to a Senior Placement Assistant. She works closely with our representative Christopher Lockridge, helping families in all of Orange County, and also assists our other reps in San Diego.

In her role as a Senior Placement Assistant, Celia chooses a selection of care home options that are able to accommodate what a family needs and wants in a certain area and budget. She will will continue working with a family until they find the perfect home for their loved one.

Celia is a pleasure to be around, and she laughs at everything. Spending time with friends and family is very important to her. She is also a huge Dodgers fan.

celia cordova senior placement assistant
Celia Cordova is our expert in the best care homes in Orange County.

I believe that helping even in the smallest of ways can make a big difference, and at Care Placement I get to do exactly that, by assisting families and their loved ones in any way I possibly can. What makes the job even better is the amazing team and family-like support.

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