Long-Term Care: What To Expect With Board & Care

These days’ people are living longer, but they don’t necessarily have the ability or desire to maintain a private home as they get older. For some older adults, living independently can become difficult or lonely, and it can be wise to look for assisted living options. There are many facilities for board and care in San Diego, and here is what to expect and look for with this type of home.

Often assisted living and board and care are used interchangeably, although we tend to think of assisted living as a larger community with a variety of private apartments. Board and care homes, on the other hand, are smaller and are private homes that have been converted for use for older adults that need a bit of extra assistance. This can be a homier alternative to a large facility for assisted living in San Diego, and many people prefer living in an actual house instead of an apartment community.

When you are searching for board and care in San Diego, you should expect to find that the home will include about four or five other residents. Typically, you won’t have more than six people living in a board and care home in San Diego. This might seem to limit social interaction, but actually one of the advantages is that the residents enjoy a more personal level of care.

In addition, homes for board and care in San Diego are a good option for an older adult who enjoys some social interaction but tends to prefer a quieter environment. Many people love all of the social activities at a large assisted living community, but it’s not for everyone and perhaps your loved one would prefer this less busy, quieter and homier setting. Usually, there are still activities and excursions planned at a board and care home, and with fewer residents, it can be easier to find options that please everyone.

Some board and care homes offer private or shared rooms, so you will need to consider which is best for you or your loved one. Some people don’t mind sharing a room with another resident and others prefer more privacy. Shared rooms typically cost less so if you are trying to cut costs, this is certainly a consideration.

When searching for board and care in San Diego, be sure to ask many questions. In fact make a list of questions and take notes about each facility. You will want to be especially concerned with the staff at the facility, as this can be the biggest factor in your decision. Hopefully your loved one will also be with you as you choose a facility, but if they are unable to visit all of the board and care homes, it is important that you keep their needs and their personality in mind as you make a decision. Also talk to the residents and get a sense about their level of happiness and whether or not they seem like a good fit for your loved one.

Be sure you understand everything that is included in your monthly fees as well as anything else the owners provide at an extra charge. Keep in mind that your loved one’s needs may change as time goes by. For instance, perhaps for now your loved one just needs meals and a safe place to live without all of the responsibilities that accompany maintaining a private residence. However, in five years, it might be necessary to have assistance with grooming or dressing or toileting and bathing and these might be included at your board and care in San Diego or these services might cost a bit more.

Don’t be afraid to look at many different facilities before making a decision, after all you want to choose a location where your loved one will be happy. To get you started, contact Care Placement today and fill out our simple questionnaire. A Care Placement representative quickly will get in touch with you to discuss your needs and can provide a list of pre-screened homes for board and care in San Diego and throughout San Diego County as well as in Orange County.

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