Great way to locate a Senior Home or Assisted Living

Remember back in the day when you wanted to take a vacation and a hotel was needed? You had 2 options, call a travel agency and pay a fee or do enough bicep curls to get strong enough to be able to first lift and then sort through the yellow pages. In recent years, consumers have been able to simply hop online and compare hotel rates and ratings on various travel websites. While this did make life much easier for those seeking a hotel, a newer tool has become available.

Now, travel websites, real estate websites, and even the almighty Craigslist have made it possible for consumers to view a map of the area they are searching in with pins dropped on hotels or properties. The people that make this possible are geniuses!

I am happy to announce, that Care Placement has in its possession one such genius. With that being said, our very own resident genius has made it possible for us to find the best board & care and assisted living locations close to you by using the same technology. All we need is your address. Neat huh? Yeah, we think so too.

Care Placement makes it very easy to find out more about a particular board and care or assisted living home in your area.  We can also help place someone there for you.  Take a look and then give us a call for more help.

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