3 Tips To Consider While Searching For Assisted Living In Orange

While the staff at Care Placement can provide you with a comprehensive list of pre-screened facilities for assisted living in Orange and Orange County, there are a few tips that you need to consider as you visit each facility. Our list will include facilities that meet your care needs and budget, but it’s up to you and your family to make the final selection, so keep the following in mind.

1. Fancy Is Not Always Better

While there are some truly swanky assisted living communities out there, you might find a hidden gem that is a better fit for your loved one. For instance, while visiting communities for assisted living in Orange, don’t simply write off a facility because its curb appeal isn’t boasting an array of exotic plants and its lobby isn’t decorated with beautiful artwork and fine furnishings.

The most important aspects of any community for assisted living in Orange are the quality of care and the quality of the staff. Perhaps you’ll find a community that doesn’t feature as many amenities as a fancier place, but the staff truly loves the residents and makes them feel welcome and at home. Great staff is worth its weight in gold, so don’t be blinded by glitz and glamour or be turned off because a facility is not as posh as you might like.

2. Think About The Future

While your loved one might only need help with a few activities of daily life and have only minor mobility issues currently, this might not always be the case. It’s important to plan for the future and select a home for assisted living in Orange that can meet your loved one’s current and future needs. This ensures that as your loved one’s physical condition changes, their home doesn’t have to change as well.

Some facilities, in fact, provide what is known as continuous care or what also is sometimes called aging in place. These communities offer independent living, assisted living and memory care options and sometimes even skilled nursing care. This allows your loved one to transition from one level of care to another without leaving a community where they feel comfortable and have formed friendships. We can help you find this type of facility as well as assisted living in Orange.

3. Visit Each Facility More Than Once

When you set up a tour at a community for assisted living in Orange, a representative should show all the common rooms as well as showing you a model apartment. You might even meet one or two staff members. However, this might not be enough information to make a decision. Before you leave after that first visit, be sure to get a copy of the residential contract so that you will be able to read through the document carefully. This way you will be able to fully understand what is included in the monthly fees and what is not included.

After visiting several communities, you probably will be able to create a short list of acceptable options. Revisit these options and take some time to talk to staff and residents. Eat a meal at the facility to see if the cuisine is to your liking. Watch the way residents interact with staff and with each other. Make note of the general cleanliness and state of repair.

4. Don’t Rush It

Too often people scramble to make the decision of where to place a loved one. However, it is wisest to start looking into facilities for assisted living in Orange even before you might really need them. If you begin to see that your loved one is struggling, it can be wise to talk about care options and start making some visits.

To get started on your search for assisted living in Orange, simply fill out our short questionnaire. After you submit this questionnaire, a representative will contact you quickly, gather more information and compile a list of suitable facilities in and around the city of Orange.

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