3 Reasons to Choose Assisted Living in Mexico

Maybe moving to Mexico conjures to your mind images of gentle breezes blowing across golden, sandy beaches at sunset. Maybe your mouth waters imagining the warm scents and bold flavors of enchiladas, hot sauce, and carne asada. Maybe such experiences feel like dreams of a past life because of age-related health issues. Advancing age or deteriorating health don’t mean living abroad is out of the question. In fact, there are a number of reasons to consider Assisted Living in Mexico. Here are three:

1. Low Cost

On average, the cost of living in Mexico is significantly lower than many places in the United States. From food to rent, your monthly budget goes further, even in upscale, tourist neighborhoods. These savings also apply to costs of Assisted Living. According to the pricing lists that we at Care Placement maintain for communities, Assisted Living can be more than 50% cheaper in regions such as Tijuana or Rosarito versus San Diego or Orange County.

Baja California$2500 / month or less
San Diego$5000 / month or more
*Average cost of Assisted Living as of 2021

Healthcare costs are also often much cheaper in Mexico. Paying for a doctor’s visit or treatment out-of-pocket is hardly more expensive than a copay would be in the U.S. International Living has a nice chart of the costs of different medical expenses. They also break down the various options for government-provided health insurance.

Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover medical expenses incurred outside the United States. But it is usually easy enough to pop back state-side for a doctor’s appointment.

2. Climate

The coastal regions of Mexico have climates that are beneficial for older people for many reasons. Those with arthritis or chronic pain don’t have to worry about extreme cold. The average temperature in Tijuana ranges from about 55 to 75 degrees. Unlike other retirement destinations with temperatures well over 100 for most of the summer, 75 sounds just right.

An ocean breeze, such as is often present in Baja California, is well-known to improve respiration. The humid, salty air can be like a natural saline spray for moisturizing sinuses. And the minerals present in salty sea air, such as iodine and magnesium, can relieve symptoms of asthma and allergies. If you can take a dip from time to time, those minerals are also great for skin health.

Additionally, studies have shown that living near the sea can decrease symptoms of depression. Several surveys indicate that people who live within a couple miles of the sea are significantly less likely to experience mental distress than those who live inland. Even people who are unable to go for a salty swim can benefit if they have a view overlooking the ocean or can hear the waves.

3. Great Care Homes

Assisted Living homes in Mexico offer all of the same amenities and care as those in the United States. Sometimes, because of the culture or cost of living, you may actually feel more cared-for. Take, for instance, the El Mirador group of homes in Tijuana. At all five of their locations around Tijuana, they focus on the comfort and safety of their residents. They provide 24/7 supervision, and there are no limitations to the hours that you can visit your loved one. They also encourage residents to participate in physical and occupational therapy sessions to keep their bodies and minds nimble. Check out a few of their locations:

Casa de Retiro El Mirador

The home that bears the company name and embodies its mission. Watch the video to see some of the homes best features, like low-clearance showers and the lovely courtyard and fountain. Located right of Tijuana-Ensenada Rd, the home has easy access to the beach and the Mexico-US border.

Casa Playas

Featuring a beautiful courtyard garden and located only a few blocks from the beach, this home offers plenty of opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. The built-in wheelchair ramp makes navigating the home easy and safe for those who struggle with stability or require assistive devices. From wide hallways to handrails, this home focuses on accessibility.

Estancia Los Abuelos

Estancia Los Abuelos is across the street from Senior Care Baja (another El Mirador home) on the southern side of Tijuana. Both homes have gorgeous balconies and wonderful views of the nearby hills. The Estancia location has a long record of senior care since their opening in 2003.

Estancia Los Abuelos 1 - street view.JPG

View more homes that we work with in these counties.

FAQs about Assisted Living in Mexico

Do I need to speak Spanish?

The staff and other residents at your assisted living home will most likely speak English. Many people outside the home will too, including locals who have learned the language and American ex-pats. According to the State Department, there are approximately 1.6 million U.S. citizens living in Mexico. Although it could be considerate (and fun) to learn a few phrases in Spanish, you should be able to get by in English in most places.

Can Care Placement help me find an Assisted Living facility in Mexico?

Yes! We have relationships with several facilities in Tijuana and Baja California, including the El Mirador homes mentioned in this article.

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  1. Abirra K Nartel says:

    Assisted living is still in its early stages in Mexico. However, care comparable to that offered in assisted living facilities in the United States can be available. The expense of assisted living in Mexico is around half to one-third of what it is in the United States. The majority of assisted living facilities are located in border regions, big expatriate communities throughout central and coastal Mexico, and in metropolitan areas. We considered moving Mom from https://silvergaterr.com/dementia-care-facilities-san-diego/ to Mexico at first, but changed our minds since we stayed as well.

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