When Providing Care Becomes Too Difficult

While we love our parents or our spouse, at some point serving as a caregiver can be more difficult than we can really handle. Sometimes care giving simply means helping with some chores around the house and driving them to wherever they need to go. Sometimes, however, providing elder care can take a huge toll on you and your family. Here are some signs that it is time to consider opting for an eldercare facility.

If the extra care your loved one needs is affecting your personal life in a highly negative way, then it can be time to think about other options. If it is hurting the relationships between you and your spouse or perhaps keeping you from spending time with your own children, it’s probably time to look at other options.

Sometimes the stress of giving care can take a toll on our physical or mental health. In addition to caring for your own family, going to work and handling a myriad of household tasks, if you also must assume the care of your elderly parent, this can be quite difficult. Often the caregiver begins to neglect their own personal needs, and this can cause them to become ill or depressed. When care begins affecting you either physically or mentally, it is perhaps time to look at eldercare facilities or in-home care for your loved one.

While we all know that our bodies change as we age, sometimes an older adult also will have significant changes in personality. We all know that elder abuse is a common problem, but sometimes verbal and even physical abuse is heaped upon the caregiver. Being verbally abused by a parent or spouse constantly takes a huge toll on the caregiver. If your parent or spouse has become very abusive, eldercare is definitely something you need to consider.

Guilt is something caregivers deal with on a daily basis. They wonder if they are doing the best possible job providing care. They worry about spending time away from their own spouse, children and friends. If their parent lives in their home, they worry about the negative effects this stress can place on a household. Certainly, it’s also very stressful to consider moving a parent into an assisted living facility or board and care facility, but sometimes this truly is the best option.

If you are overwhelmed caring for an elderly parent or elderly spouse, the staff at Care Placement can help you find an assisted living home or board and care home for your loved one. We pre-screen eldercare facilities throughout San Diego and Orange counties, and can find an option that fits the needs of your loved one.

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