When a Parent Passes Away: How to Help the Surviving Spouse

Many in the baby boom generation are experiencing the death of an aging parent. It is always a tragic and difficult experience when a parent passes away, but it can be even more devastating to the surviving spouse.

The loss of a life partner can leave the survivor uncertain about the future and unable to continue on with life as usual. Statistically speaking, women tend to outlive men. If your father has recently passed away, you may worry about whether your mother is physically, emotionally, and financially able to stay in her home.

This is especially true for senior citizens who may already be battling health issues or senility.

Widow looking at picture of her dead husband
When a parent passes away, it can be especially hard on the surviving spouse.

After the death of a parent, it may be time to start thinking about moving the survivor into a senior living facility. Many widows especially don’t feel comfortable living in a large home by themselves after the death of their husband. They may also lose a significant portion of their monthly income if their husband received pension payments along with social security.

We encourage the adult children to carefully observe their recently widowed parent. If you notice that they seem depressed, confused or have difficulty performing the functions of daily living like cooking a meal, going to the store, or climbing the stairs, it might be time to sit down with them and discuss alternative living arrangements.

There are plenty of different care and assisted living arrangements available for your parent, including those with minimal supervision and those with 24-hour care by medically-trained workers.

To learn more, contact Care Placement, a service that helps place San Diego and Orange County seniors into an assisted living situation where they can be comfortable and taken care of. We would be happy to sit down with you for a consultation to learn more about your mother or father’s specific situation and needs. We can then make referrals to available assisted living facilities in San Diego or Orange County where your parent can thrive. Give us a call at (619) 660-8814 to schedule a free appointment.  

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