What To Expect From Board & Care In Tustin

Are you contemplating board and care in Tustin for your senior loved one? Indeed, having professional caregivers take care of an aging loved one makes it easier for everyone. You are assured that your loved one will receive attention which you may not be in a position to give due to daily obligations.  Board and care facilities are one option that can ensure that he or she will receive more personal attention and maintain social interaction with other senior residents.

What Should You Expect?

Board and care facilities have a fewer number of residents than assisted living communities. They can have six residents or fewer. Typically board and care facilities are normal residences, formerly private homes that are licensed to provide senior care services. Residents either will have their own private bedroom or share a room with one other resident. There will be several common areas where residents can relax and congregate, such as the dining room, a family room and perhaps a backyard area or porch.

A board and care in Tustin will, in many ways, feel a bit like living in your private home, and residents are able to maintain a semblance of family living in a homey, safe and easily-accessible residential environment.

Dignity & Wisdom I 6 - patio.jpg
The backyard patio at Dignity & Wisdom Board and Care in Tustin

Typical Care Services

There are many included services one should expect from board and care in Tustin. These include three home-cooked meals each day as well as snacks. Meals often are served family style as there are just a few residents to serve. Additionally, because board and care homes are smaller, residents can have more input regarding menus and snacks as there are fewer people to accommodate than at a larger assisted living community.

Typically, there are multiple staff members around during the daytime. At night, there might be just one staff member, but they are available at any time if you need help or become ill.

Note: actual health care services are not provided at a board and care in Tustin or anywhere else in Orange County.

Staff members can help with managing medicines and some health monitoring in general. They are also there to help with personal hygiene management. This includes helping residents get dressed if needed as well as bathing and general grooming.

Typically, the monthly fees include transportation to health providers when needed. Transportation to the barber or beautician also may be provided. In some cases, a hair stylist might visit the facility on a monthly basis to provide beauty services. While the service will be an extra charge, it is convenient to have a professional stylist visit the board and care home regularly.

Just as with assisted living, laundry and housekeeping services are provided at a board and care facility. Generally rooms are cleaned once per week and laundry might be done once or twice per week, depending on the needs of the residents.

Advantages of Board & Care in Tustin

While a large assisted living community will have a full calendar that features daily, weekly and monthly events, board and care homes also provide some level of activities for residents. This might include daily visits to the park, bowling trips, excursions to an outdoor concert, game nights, crafts, movie nights and so on. Residents generally are welcome to come up with a few ideas for activities and excursions.

While a facility for assisted living might seem like a more advantageous option for your loved one, board and care homes do have some advantages over other care systems. Because these are smaller facilities, they provide a cozier and intimate environment, which many people prefer over the bustle of assisted living. Residents also tend to receive more personal care because there aren’t as many residents. One of the biggest perks of board and care in Tustin is the price tag, which is typically much more affordable than assisted living.

Your caregivers will be trained at the same level as those in a larger assisted living community, and many people actually feel that their loved one is more secure in a smaller board and care home. This can be especially true if your loved one has any type of dementia, which can make them prone to wandering off. The homey setting can be comforting to a person with dementia, and with fewer residents to track, keeping them secure and safe can be easier. Obviously, if you have just six residents and one is absent, it is easy to notice.

Whether you need assisted living, in-home care or board and care in Tustin, the team at Care Placement is here to help. We have many options in Tustin and throughout Orange County and can help you find the best possible facility for your loved one.

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    Looking for a board and care home for mom 88, moderate dementia, just started needing a little assistance with dressing. Forgetfulness, will ask same question throughout conversation. However active and fit , bowls once a week. Would like recommendations that have opening in tustin, Irvine, orange, Claremont, Fontana, azusa

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