Settling Into Assisted Living In Solana Beach Or San Diego

Moving is always a stressful event and the move into a facility for assisted living in Solana Beach or San Diego can be a huge adjustment. While this is a big change, there are a few ways to make the switch from living in a private home to assisted living a bit easier.

Downsize, But Bring Your Favorites

For most seniors, moving into assisted living in Solana Beach or another local town means that they are downsizing their living space severely. Most people move from a more spacious apartment or private home into a small studio or one-bedroom apartment. This means many personal belongings are either being sold, given away or placed into storage. This can be the hardest part of moving into assisted living.

To make it easier, be sure to select items to your new apartment that are truly meaningful. Sometimes you or your family will focus on making the new place look pretty and updated, but you might be happier with a few carefully selected furnishings and accessories that you have used for years. A comfortable chair or a favorite blanket or quilt can be much more comforting and familiar then sleek, new furnishings or bedding.

In addition, you definitely want to bring photo albums and perhaps family movies to your new facility for assisted living in Solana Beach. The movies can be transferred to DVDs, labeled and then placed in a small carrying case that takes up little space. Photos can be digitized as well as placed on a tablet or used on your computer or laptop as a slideshow. In addition, decorate the walls with family photos or your favorite artwork. This produces less clutter than placing framed pictures on shelves but still keeps you surrounded by family and happy memories.

Getting Social

Not everyone can just dive right in and start building friendships, for many of us, this is a daunting experience. However, the social aspect of assisted living in Solana Beach is one of the biggest perks. You will have many opportunities to meet interesting people and engage in a wide variety of activities.

Often it’s at mealtimes when we feel the most uncomfortable. Family members can help out those first few days by joining you for dinner or lunch. You also can ask a staff member to introduce you to a particularly friendly or social person. Many people enjoy introducing a new resident to other residents so find a social butterfly and let them introduce you to others. 

Another easy way to ease into the social scene is to attend one of the classes or events provided by the staff at your community for assisted living in Solana Beach. A bingo game, Scrabble match or poker night event provides an easy way to introduce yourself. Take an exercise class or join the walking club or book club or just head into a common area and watch sports or news with other residents.

Take Care Of Yourself

Often a major change can cause feelings of sadness. Moving into assisted living in Solana Beach is a huge change, and if you feel overwhelmed and a bit sad at first, this is normal. Try to stay positive by remembering the best aspects of assisted living. You don’t have to worry about housekeeping and laundry. You no longer have to worry about costly home repairs or paying for car repairs and insurance. You don’t have to cook or clean up after you eat. You always have help on hand if you need assistance. There’s always plenty to do, but you are free to just relax and enjoy yourself as well.

If feelings of depression continue to linger, you should talk to your doctor and perhaps a staff member at the assisted living facility. If you are the loved one of someone who has moved into assisted living, be sure to be aware of the signs of depression. Depression is a serious medical condition and it can and should be treated. The goal of moving into assisted living is to make life easier and more carefree.

Finding Assisted Living In Solana Beach

If you are interested in finding an excellent facility for assisted living in Solana Beach or anywhere else in San Diego County, we can help. We are San Diego County’s largest free eldercare referral service. We have comprehensive lists of pre-screened assisted living communities, board and care homes, skilled nursing facilities and memory care facilities. Our services are free and you can get started by calling us today or filling out a quick assessment of your care needs.

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