Questions To Ask When Researching Board & Care In Huntington Beach

Board & Care in Huntington Beach is a bit different than life in an assisted living community. A Board & Care facility will have six or fewer residents and generally is located in a private home. Some homes for Board & Care in Huntington Beach are managed by a larger eldercare service or company, while others are owned independently. Either way, there are some questions about Board & Care you need to ask whenever you are researching where to live or where to move a loved one.

1. Ask About Security

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Beachside Senior Care Home is an example of a typical Board & Care home in Huntington Beach.

When you visit a facility for Board & Care in Huntington Beach, you definitely want to learn about the security of the facility. There should be at least one employee on site 24 hours per day, and there should be a variety of security options in place. Ask about the procedures that occur if a resident is hurt and inquire about what has been done to make the home as safe as possible. Bathrooms and bedrooms should be easy to navigate with helpful aids in place to make bathing and toileting easier for residents.

If your loved one has dementia or memory issues, he or she can be prone to wandering away. Be sure to ask about the level of security in regards to keeping these types of residents as safe as possible and how the staff ensures that they stay at the facility. Often providing a comforting atmosphere with plenty of activities will keep a person with dementia busy and engaged enough so that they are less likely to wander. A caring and vigilant staff also is a huge component to security for residents with dementia.

2. Ask About Nutrition

With six or fewer residents at a Board & Care in Huntington Beach, there probably won’t be as big of a variety of foods served as there would be in an assisted living facility. On the other hand, it can be easier to accommodate the tastes and dietary needs of just six people. Mealtimes should be a time of enjoyment as well as nutrition, so ask about menus and ask if you and your loved one can come and eat a meal with the other residents. This provides an opportunity to sample the food as well as the company.

3. Ask About Activities

Board & Care in Huntington Beach can be a good option for a person who doesn’t want to live alone but also doesn’t want to live in a large community of people. Some people simply prefer a quieter setting, but there should still be activities to enjoy. See if the activity schedule is something that you will enjoy, and ask about excursions and transportation options.

4. Ask About Amenities

There will be certain amenities that will be included in your monthly fees. You will have a private or semi-private room and usually all meals are included, as well as snacks. At a Board & Care in Huntington Beach, your monthly fees will pay for care as well as your boarding. Be sure that you understand exactly what types of care are included and be very clear about the level of care you need. Perhaps you simply need a little bit of help with dressing and grooming or perhaps you also need help with bathing and going to the bathroom. Some people also need help ensuring that medications are taken properly and on time.

These are just a few questions to ask about Board & Care homes. Be sure to bring paper and pen to take notes regarding each Board & Care facility that you visit. Take notes about the level of cleanliness of each facility as well as any signs of disrepair. Make note of how the facility smells and looks, as well as the happiness level of the residents. With so few residents, it is important that you find a home for Board & Care in Huntington Beach that seems to fit with your personality or that of your loved one.

If you aren’t sure where to begin or have more questions about Board & Care, the team at Care Placement is here to help! We are a free service that provides referrals for Board & Care homes, Assisted Living homes and Skilled Nursing Facilities throughout Orange County and San Diego County. We can provide you with a list of pre-screened homes that meet as many of your needs as possible while fitting in the scope of your budget.

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  1. Pearl harris says:

    Hi my mom is 94 just had a stroke and will need to place her in a Board and Care preferably in Huntington Beach. She’s just not talking too much as of now but understands and was always independent. Needs to be in a place where people actually are social and very clean. Would prefer Huntington Beach if possible since we live there

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