Information About Assisted Living In San Marcos & San Diego

If you have reached a point in your life when daily chores are difficult and keeping up with household chores seems impossible, it might be wise to consider assisted living in San Marcos or elsewhere in San Diego.

There are many options throughout San Diego, including large communities for assisted living in San Marcos as well as smaller board and care homes and facilities in between the two sizes. Your needs, personality and budget all must be taken into consideration when selecting the best possible facility.

For instance, you might love the idea of a bustling planned senior community for assisted living in San Marcos. These types of facilities offer several different sizes of private or shared apartments and a wide range of amenities. In general, your monthly fees will include all of your meals, housekeeping, weekly laundry services and some activities.

The rate structures vary at these facilities for assisted living in San Marcos based upon the size of your apartment as well as the level of care you need. When it comes to assisted living, this is a level of care designed for adults who have no serious medical issues but do need help with some daily chores. For instance, you might be having trouble with daily grooming and bathing and this might be a daily service included in your rates.

Other than basic help with daily chores and medication management, there is no health care provided at assisted living facilities. However, there is staff on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week in case of emergency, and this can bring great peace of mind.

Generally, your residence at a community for assisted living in San Marcos will be paid for using your private funds. Programs such as Medicare and Medicaid rarely can be used to pay your monthly expenses, although long-term care insurance might be used to pay all or some of your monthly expenses.

If you prefer a smaller setting, there are plenty of smaller facilities for assisted living in San Marcos and throughout San Diego County. In addition, board and care facilities are another common option. These usually are located in private homes and there will be six or fewer residents living in the home. A private caregiver will be on site 24/7, and many of the same services will be provided as would be in a larger community. Sometimes this also can be a more affordable option than a large facility.

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San Marcos Villa 1 - front view.jpg
San Marcos Villa is an example of a Board & Care facility in a residential neighborhood.

No matter what type of facility you need, we can help you find something that fits into your budget and fulfills as many of your needs and wants as possible. At Care Placement, we pre-screen a wide variety of assisted living facilities, board and care homes and skilled nursing facilities. Get started with the process by filling out our basic questionnaire, and a representative will be in touch quickly to get you started on your search or you can call toll-free and speak with a Care Placement specialist immediately.

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