In-Home Care Versus Assisted Living In Carlsbad

While many older adults live independently through their entire lives, for some older Americans, this is not a realistic option. Some people simply need a bit of extra help navigating through the details of everyday life. When one reaches a point where extra help is necessary, you have to debate whether to opt for in-home care or assisted living in Carlsbad.

Many people simply wish to stay in their home and this is perfectly understandable. The idea of leaving your home for a facility for assisted living in Carlsbad might seem too overwhelming and unpleasant. However, if you do wish to stay in your home, it is wise to make a few changes and perhaps consider hiring some in-home caregivers or other helpers.

An in-home caregiver can help you with all sorts of daily chores, such as grooming and dressing and preparing meals. Some caregivers also can help with medication management and drive you to doctor appointments and out on errands. For some seniors,  hiring a person to clean the house and help with shopping might be all of the help you need. As you get older, it also can be wise to think about no longer driving and instead hiring taxis or looking for transportation options created especially for older adults.

In addition, if you choose to live alone rather than opt for assisted living in Carlsbad, you can set up your home to make it easier to navigate. Remove all of the excess clutter and make things easy to reach by putting essentials on shelves where you don’t have to bend or stand on a stool to grab something. Make sure hallways and bathrooms are lit with safety lights in case you need to get up during the night, and perhaps invest in a security system where you simply press a button on a bracelet to summon help.

While living in your home might be comfortable in many ways, there are some big advantages to opting for assisted living in Carlsbad or assisted living in San Diego County.

For one thing, assisted living in Carlsbad eliminates all of the many chores and expenses associated with owning a home. You won’t have to clean, do yard work, make repairs or even cook meals. All of this will be included in the monthly fees.

In addition, communities for assisted living in Carlsbad offer all sorts of amenities such as swimming pools, exercise facilities, transportation and plenty of social activities. It can be lonely living alone, particularly if you do not drive any longer, and with assisted living, you always the option of simply heading down to the common areas and hanging out with friends.

For those who need extra help with grooming, dressing, bathing and more, assisted living in Carlsbad can be a good option as there will be staff members to assist you with these daily chores. There also is someone on hand 24 hours a day in case of emergency and this can bring much peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

If you’d like to take a look at some facilities for assisted living in Carlsbad or perhaps find a good in-home caregiver, the staff at Care Placement can help. Simply fill out our simple online questionnaire and a representative will contact you regarding your options. We are a free service that matches older adults to various eldercare options throughout San Diego County and Orange County.

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