Hobbies & Options For Those In Assisted Living

One of the best things about assisted living is that you really have few obligations or responsibilities. On the other hand, all this free time can seem tough to fill at first. After all, many of us have been so busy with career and family, we haven’t really developed meaningful hobbies. Now is the perfect time to start.

Your facility for assisted living in Orange County or San Diego County will provide many daily activities, and this provides opportunities to try something new. Take a dance class, enjoy an art lesson or try your hand at poker or flower arranging. It’s a great idea to get out of your comfort zone and try something new, and taking part in these activities allows you meet other residents.

For some residents of assisted living, it can be fun to take up scrapbooking or genealogy or both. You can trace the roots of your family history and preserve memories in your scrapbooks and photo albums. These scrapbooks make precious gifts for your loved ones, and you can share memories with other residents in your community.

If you have a special passion, such as singing or acting, it can be a good idea to join or even create a theater group at your facility for assisted living. Often assisted living facilities will have book clubs, bridge clubs and poker nights, but there’s no reason why you can’t create an improvisation group or a singing club or even a writing club. You also can work with the staff at your facility to arrange for trips to see live music and live theater.

The game room at Oakmont of Capriana Assisted Living offers many options for hobbies.
Game room at Oakmont of Capriana

Many communities for assisted living in Orange County have a monthly newsletter published by the residents. If you love to write, consider joining the staff, and if your community doesn’t have a newsletter or blog, create one and get others on board. You can fill it up with facility news, as well as writing helpful and informative articles for the residents.

If you love the great outdoors, consider taking up a hobby that caters to that interest. Some assisted living communities have gardening clubs where you can grow food or flowers. Walking clubs are quite common, and you can work with the staff to plan out interesting walking excursions, such as a historic walking tour or perhaps a nature preserve. Remember that you are free to come and go as you please, so there’s no reason why you can’t hire transportation and head out with a group for a whale watching trip, a kayaking trek, a trip to the San Diego Zoo or some other adventure.

If you are searching for assisted living in Orange County or San Diego County, contact our team at Care Placement. We are a free eldercare referral service and can find a facility that is tailored to your needs, budget and your interest and hobbies.

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