Helpful Items For Residents Of Assisted Living In Irvine, Orange County

When you live in assisted living in Irvine or another Orange County city, many of your daily needs are handled by the facility staff. You don’t have to cook or clean, and most assisted living facilities offer laundry services, help with daily grooming and even medication management. Still, sometimes aging presents us with a few extra difficulties and the following gadgets can help make life a bit easier.

For instance, there are many helpful products out there for people who have Parkinson’s disease or perhaps another issue that causes their hands to shake or tremble. There are weighted utensils that can make eating easier as well as special plates and dishes that can make eating independently much easier. A facility for assisted living in Irvine or Anaheim might have these utensils, and if not, there are several online stores that sell them.

At most communities for assisted living in Irvine and in other towns, you will find that your apartment has a small kitchenette. Typically, this includes a small fridge and microwave. A few gadgets that you might also enjoy adding would be an electric kettle or perhaps a single cup coffee maker. The electric kettle can heat water for tea, cocoa, instant coffee and some soups and cereals, and the coffeemaker can make it easy to simply brew a quick cup of coffee. These also don’t require you to clean a coffee pot and filter; you just toss the coffee pod in the trash.

Even those in assisted living in Irvine still want to maintain as much independence as possible, but it can be tough to handle daily grooming and dressing. Purchasing adaptive clothing and shoes can make it much easier to get yourself dressed each day. Slip-on shoes and elastic waist pants are available, as well as shirts that snap on or use VELCRO closures to make dressing easier. These days there are plenty of attractive options, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort and ease.

When it comes to grooming, it can be quite difficult for those with mobility issues or arthritis. Long-handled combs and brushes can make it easier to brush and style your hair each morning. Weighted holders for a toothbrush can make brushing your teeth easier, and you also could consider an electric toothbrush. There are also flossing aids that make it easy to keep up with oral hygiene. Long-handled toenail clippers and fingernail clippers with a built-in magnifier can make nail clipping easier. There are also long-handled brushes and sponges to use in the bath or shower.

If you need to use a walker to get around, there are several products that you can use to customize a walker to better fit your needs. A cup holder can be attached to make sure you can bring along water on your daily walk. There are bags and pouches that can be attached to a walker to make shopping easier or just to allow you to carry books, a tablet or other items around your facility for assisted living in Irvine.

These are just a few products that might be helpful to someone in assisted living in Irvine. There are hundreds of other products out there that can increase independence, improve mobility and, in general, make life a bit less challenging.

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