Health Tips For Residents Of Assisted Living In Yorba Linda

Staying fit can be difficult for anyone, but it can be especially tough for an older adult. If you have mobility issues or perhaps arthritis, it can be tough to exercise or prepare meals. Whether you live at home or perhaps at a community for assisted living in Yorba Linda, there are some easy ways to keep your body and mind in the best possible shape.

Meal times are often a highlight of any day, and one of the benefits of a large facility for assisted living in Yorba Linda or elsewhere, is the wide variety of available foods. At one facility for assisted living in Yorba Linda, each meal included 2-3 entrees as well as a variety of side dishes and beverages.

You certainly could enjoy a plate filled with eggs and sausage every morning followed by a hearty lunch with a steak sandwich and a dinner of meatloaf and mashed potatoes. While this is delicious, it might not be the best option every day. Consider starting off each morning with the healthiest possible breakfast and lunch choices and then indulging during dinner. Fresh fruit and whole-grain toast might be a great breakfast option with an entrée salad for lunch. Take a look at the menus, and simply select one meal per day to indulge and choose healthier options for the other two meals.

Of course, exercise is always beneficial but it can be difficult to exercise if you have mobility issues. Still, there are always some good options to consider and many facilities for assisted living in Yorba Linda and surrounding cities offer exercise classes and walking clubs. These classes include dance classes or aerobics, but also chair exercise classes, yoga, tai chi and sometimes swimming aerobics and other options. Take advantage of these classes. Not only are they great social opportunities, staying fit will make you feel great, improves cognitive function and can ward off depression.

It’s important to exercise the mind and spirit, as well as the body and many communities for assisted living have a mix of activities to keep residents busy and engaged. Be sure to join in on social activities, such as book clubs, drama clubs, gardening clubs, poker or gaming clubs. Often there will be a nightly social and a special weekly social event such as a dance or themed party. Taking part in these types of activities can help you build friendships and help you get the most out of your retirement years. 

More and more evidence is showing that our minds need daily exercise to stay sharp and focused, and this is true for adults of any age. Some activities that you might consider include doing crossword puzzles, word games and Sudoku, but there are also activities at your assisted living facility that can engage the mind. For instance, there might be poetry or writers’ group or perhaps special classes or lectures. Even enjoying a nightly poker game or another card game can keep the mind sharp.

Game room at Sunrise at Yorba Linda
Game Room at Sunrise at Yorba Linda Assisted Living

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