Easy Exercise Options For Assisted Living Residents

If you live in a facility for assisted living, you might think that your exercise options are limited. However, most seniors, even those with mobility issues typically can enjoy some daily regular exercise.

Exercise reduces your blood pressure, can help you maintain a healthy weight and reduces your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and even dementia. If you already have any of these issues, exercise often can slow the progression of the diseases providing you with a better quality of life. In addition, regular exercise also helps you fight depression, and adults 65 and older are particularly prone to depression.

If you live in a residence for assisted living in Anaheim or another city, typically there are exercise classes available at the facility. However you can create your own personalized routine to target specific areas of the body. Before beginning any new exercise program, we recommend that you discuss your needs with a medical or health professional.

Low-Impact Exercises

For many older adults, low-impact exercises tend to be the best. Don’t worry; “low-impact” doesn’t mean you won’t see great results. Walking and swimming are two low-impact options to consider with great benefits. Many communities for assisted living in Orange County have swimming pools and offer swim-aerobics. Some assisted living facilities also have walking clubs. There are even chair aerobics classes for those who have difficultly standing or have balance issues.

Stretching is low-impact and important for people of all ages. Starting the day off with some stretches and remembering to stop and do a few minutes of stretching throughout the day, can help improve flexibility and reduce stiffness. If you aren’t quite sure how to stretch correctly, ask the fitness trainer at your facility or perhaps contact a trainer who specializes in senior fitness training to come in and give you (and maybe several residents) some pointers.

Yoga is another great, low-impact option and there are some homes for assisted living in Anaheim and other nearby cities that offer different types of yoga classes. Some also include meditation, which can improve your mental focus. After you have taken a few classes and learned some techniques, you can even do some yoga in your apartment or room using a yoga DVD or guidebook.

If you aren’t familiar with Tai Chi, this is a meditative type of exercise that is an excellent option for people of any age. These exercises improve your balance and strength, both of which tend to decline as we age. Tai Chi is great because there is little impact on your joints, and it’s a good option for people with hip issues or those who are overweight.

Of course, exercising your mind is something that studies show can keep dementia at bay, so don’t forget to enjoy activities at your facility for assisted living that target the mind. This might include a Scrabble club, bridge club or a poker club. In addition, other types of card games, as well as crossword puzzles, Sudoku and jigsaw puzzles can keep your mind focused and sharp. Many assisted living communities offer a huge variety of game clubs and events. You can enjoy the social aspect as well as doing something great for your brain.

These are just a few of the exercise options to consider and many assisted living facilities offer these activities and more. To find out more about assisted living in Anaheim, Orange County or San Diego County, contact Care Placement today.

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