Board And Care In Newport Beach: Is It Your Best Option?

Board and care homes in Newport Beach are eldercare facilities that usually provide the elderly with services similar to what you usually find at larger assisted living communities. The difference, however, is that board and care homes are “standard” houses that are designed, staffed and equipped to offer care for a small number of residents. As you might expect, they are typically found in regular residential neighborhoods. You might hear terms like “group homes” or “residential care homes” thrown around, but they all refer to the same thing. While you might be tempted by large assisted living facilities, there are several great reasons to consider board and care in Newport instead.

1. Fewer Residents Means Better & More Personalized Care

Board and care homes usually take in a small number of residents, usually six or fewer. Right from the outset, the individuals are offered personalized care that you won’t see in larger assisted living communities.

Here, the staff and equipment are tailored specifically to meet the needs of the seniors in the house. As there are fewer residents, you can expect more interaction and attention from the staff. With just a few residents to serve, it’s easy for staff members to truly get to know each person. Generally, you will get services from the same caregiver, meaning that they can monitor your health, special needs and lifestyle.

As if that isn’t convenient and fabulous enough, you also can get a personalized choice of food; more often than not, this is always a rarity in larger assisted living facilities, where there are more residents to accommodate. Also, the few individuals in the home are always close to you, becoming more like a family. This way, you can forge more meaningful friendships and relationships.

2. Affordability Is A Huge Factor

Board and care homes don’t just provide a warm, cozy and homelike assisted living environment, they also tend to be more affordable than an assisted living community. Believe it or not, you can get the same services as those offered in larger facilities but pay quite a bit less each month. On the whole, you will receive personalized and high-quality care without breaking the bank and this is why many people opt for board and care in Newport Beach.

Newport Senior Living I 4 - patio fireplace.JPG
Newport Senior Living is a series of Board & Care homes featuring personalized care and beautiful outdoor spaces.

3. Enjoy Less Hustle & Bustle

While large assisted living facilities do offer a wide range of activities and social events, this isn’t something that appeals to everyone. Some people prefer a more serene, quieter environment. If this sounds like your loved one, board and care in Newport Beach might be a preferable option than assisted living. Board and care can be an excellent compromise if you have a loved one that’s not really a social butterfly but you also don’t want them to be stuck in their private home with total social isolation.

Board and care homes in Newport Beach are commonly owned and run by a family or individual who is often involved in the daily care of the seniors. The caregivers are genuinely attentive and committed to the health and happiness of the residents and their families. If you are interested in finding a board and care facility in Newport Beach or anywhere in Orange County, give us a call today.

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