Board And Care In Carlsbad Or Assisted Living? How To Choose

Every once in awhile, we like to blog about the different types of care that are available for older adults in San Diego and Orange County. At Care Placement, we often are asked about the differences among board and care facilities, assisted living and in-home care. Here is a quick look at the options with some information that might help you identify the best care solution for your family.

The Board And Care Option

There are hundreds of board and care facilities in Carlsbad and throughout San Diego and Orange counties. These are located in private homes and have no more than six residents. The monthly fees generally include the payment for your room, three meals each day plus snacks, medication management, help with daily grooming chores, weekly laundry service and there will be someone on site 24 hours each day in case of emergency. Often, the fees at a facility for board and care in Carlsbad will be less than that of a facility for assisted living in Carlsbad.

Generally, these homes are a good fit for a person who wants a homier atmosphere and perhaps doesn’t enjoy all the bustle and socialization in a large assisted living community. Because there are fewer residents, the care can be a bit more personalized, as well. Sometimes, at a board and care in Carlsbad, there will be excursions planned from time to time and the monthly fees also might include transportation to places such as a hair salon or doctor’s office.

Assisted Living Communities

While there is no official difference between board and care and assisted living, typically “assisted living” refers to a larger community with small apartments rather than a home with private or semi-private rooms. If you are seeking assisted living in Carlsbad, we can provide you with the names of many communities in the area to consider.

At communities for assisted living in Carlsbad, you typically will choose between a studio apartment, one-bedroom apartment or a two-bedroom apartment. The costs for these apartments vary regarding size and location within the community. Like a board and care in Carlsbad, you will have many amenities included in the monthly fees including meals, housekeeping, laundry and help with medication management. Sometimes grooming, dressing and bathing services are included and sometimes this will be an additional charge.

Assisted living in Carlsbad tends to be fairly expensive and almost always is paid for using private funds. It is a good fit for someone who enjoys socializing with others and enjoys taking part in a variety of activities. These communities for assisted living in Carlsbad tend to offer excursions, guest speakers or guest entertainment, special parties and dinners, exercise classes and perhaps game nights, book clubs or other types of entertainment.

Staying At Home

In-home care is another option, and we also can help you find an in-home caregiver if you prefer that option over board and care in Carlsbad or assisted living in Carlsbad or another local community. The level of service provided by in-home caregivers varies. They might help with daily grooming chores, help with shopping chores and prepare meals and make sure medications are taken correctly. Some might offer a wider range of services, including light housekeeping and some laundry services.

If you need in-home nursing care, this may or may not be covered by Medicare or health insurance. However, if nursing care is what you require, you might consider hiring a nurse as well as another person to come in and prepare meals, clean or help with other chores. Nurses are there to help with medical needs and rarely with household chores, running errands, etc.

While staying in your home can bring great comfort, many older adults tend to become isolated living at home. This is especially true if the person has mobility issues and also doesn’t drive a car anymore. This is one of the disadvantages of living at home versus considering assisted living in Carlsbad or board and care in Carlsbad. In addition, in-home care rarely is around the clock, and with assisted living and board and care you have the peace of mind in knowing there is a staff member to help 24 hours a day in case of emergency. Still, there are medical alert bracelets and other helpful aids to consider if you truly wish to stay in your home.

Finding The Right Balance

It can be tough to select the perfect solution, but at Care Placement we can provide you with a list of pre-screened in-home caregivers, board and care in Carlsbad and assisted living in Carlsbad. From there, you can visit several options and interview caregivers and truly find a solution that will fit your current needs and possible needs in the future. Call us today to get the process started or fill out our short online questionnaire and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.

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