Alzheimer’s Care: Finding Assisted Living In Oceanside & Other Tips

The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is devastating for your entire family. As a caregiver, you probably are scared and frustrated and not always sure what to do. There are some ways to make life easier for your loved one and for you, as well. Here are some tips for caregivers as well as some options for selecting assisted living in Oceanside and around San Diego County.

One way you can really help someone with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia is to reduce their stress as much as possible. This begins by taking a look at daily, weekly and monthly chores and tasks and deciding which ones seem the most problematic. Some tasks should just be eliminated from your routine and for others; you can provide visual aids to help them remember what to do.

Keep in mind that most people with dementia, especially in the early stages, do want to help with household chores, so provide them with some tasks. Maybe they can no longer create a gourmet meal, but they can help with prep work, set the table or help with clean up. They also can help plan out menus and often remember a favorite recipe and tell you how to make it.  If you are worried about the dangers of your loved one forgetting to turn off the stove, consider providing them with microwavable snacks and meals, as well as items that can be prepared in a crock pot.

A few other helpful tasks include sorting or folding laundry, sorting and clipping coupons or perhaps sweeping the porch, gardening or raking leaves. Don’t forget about the importance of exercise. A daily walk is an excellent idea, and swimming can be another fun activity provided there is adequate supervision. Talk to your doctor about suitable activities, as one’s physical condition is also something to take into account. At a memory care facility for assisted living in Oceanside, the staff might offer special exercise classes for those with dementia.

It can help to reduce clutter in the home and reorganize a bit. For instance, perhaps you can organize a dresser and label each drawer as to its content. That way your loved one will not have to remember where things are located. Of course, at a home for assisted living in Oceanside, the apartments are set up to be as stress-free to make daily life as easy as possible.

Don’t forget to invite the grandkids over and provide some activities for them to do together. Playing a board game or reading stories or perhaps even completing a puzzle can be something fun to do. Even just drawing pictures, looking at old photographs and sharing memories can be a great way to boost the morale of someone living with dementia. Even if your loved one is living at a community for assisted living in Oceanside, bring the grandkids for an afternoon as well as some easy activities, such as simple card games.

Having a pet also can be beneficial and bring great happiness, plus your loved one can feed and groom the pet, as well as go for daily walks. Some facilities for assisted living in Oceanside will allow pets to live with the residents, but you definitely will need to ask about it beforehand.

Being a caregiver can be extremely difficult and stressful, especially if your loved one experiences severe personality changes. It is not uncommon to have a person become grouchy or downright abusive and if this is happening to you, discuss this with your doctor or perhaps join a support group for caregivers. At some point, it will likely become too difficult to care for your loved one on your own and you will need to find a home for assisted living in Oceanside that provides memory care.

Memory care facilities are designed to make life easier for the residents, and the staff is specially trained to handle the daily needs of those with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. In addition, social activities are provided, giving your loved one a chance to mix with others and be engaged in a variety of activities. Meals, laundry and housekeeping will be provided and probably some level of daily personal care and medication management.

When you are searching for assisted living in Oceanside, give us a call before you start looking. We can help you find a facility that provides quality memory care services and that fits into your budget.

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