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Paying For Board And Care In Dana Point

One of the most common questions that we are asked is how to pay for assisted living or board and care in Dana Point or elsewhere in Orange and San Diego counties. These types of facilities can be quite expensive, but there are some options to consider.

The average cost per month of eldercare, specifically assisted living or board and care in Dana Point and Orange County, is more than $3,000 per month. That certainly sounds scary, but there are a few things to consider. The average cost of rent in Orange County for an apartment is more than $1,600 and a home rental can be higher than $2,200 per month. Even a mortgage payment can be $1,000 per month or higher. So if you were renting or paying for a home, then this money will now go to paying for your monthly board and care fees.

In addition, most people also pay for homeowners or renters insurance, property tax if you own a home, utilities, groceries and household maintenance. All of those costs will be erased when you move into board and care in Dana Point or perhaps another town. This money can now be dedicated to paying for your monthly board and care fees. Also, if you own a home, selling this asset might provide you with enough money to cover the cost of board and care or assisted living. Selling your vehicles and other possessions also can help you pay for some costs.

Long-term care insurance can be an option, although these policies can be very pricey depending on how old you are when you buy a policy. There are many different types of policies, some will cover all of the expenses for many years of residence at a board and care in Dana Point or other type of assisted living facility, and some will cover just a few years of care or provide only a set amount of coverage. Before you buy long-term care insurance, be sure to research the company and its policies carefully.

Many Californians mistakenly believe that Medicare and Medi-Cal benefits can be used to cover the costs of board and care or assisted living, but this is rarely the case. These types of benefits can be used to cover medical expenses and sometimes residence in a skilled nursing facility. A skilled nursing facility or nursing home is set up to care for those with serious medical issues or conditions, but often a senior who needs some basic daily assistance, will move into a nursing home simply because that is the most affordable option.

In some cases, if a person qualifies, there is an Assisted Living Waiver program that can help people cover the cost of assisted living or board and care. Then you can use this waiver to cover some or all of the costs of living in a residential care facility provided that you select a facility from the state’s approved residential care facility list. San Diego County has a longer list of facilities that qualify for this waiver program than Orange County.

Obviously, in a perfect world, people will have saved enough money to cover these retirement expenses as well as purchasing long-term care insurance at a young enough age to make it fairly affordable. For these people, finding a great assisted living community or facility for board and care in Dana Point or Orange County can be much easier. Either way, the staff at Care Placement can take your budget into consideration and find a quality, pre-screened board and care home that fulfills you care needs. As an eldercare placement service, we are experienced in working with many different budget levels and can help lessen the stress of finding a facility for you or a loved one.