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Fears About Assisted Living In Laguna Woods

For most families, the decision to look into and eventually select a facility for assisted living in Laguna Woods is heart-rending. It’s not uncommon for your loved one to have a few common fears about this huge adjustment, but typically many of these fears can be allayed with some reassuring information.

One of the biggest fears people have about assisted living in Laguna Woods is the idea that they will completely lose their independence. It is important to understand that assisted living communities are not prisons; you are free to come and go as you please. Even if you no longer drive a car, you can hire a taxi or go out with friends and family at any time.

Typically by the time a person is moving into a home for assisted living in Laguna Woods; they are struggling with many daily tasks and really cannot live 100% independently anymore. The staff at your assisted living community will be there to help you with tasks such as dressing and grooming and bathing and ensuring that your medications are taken on time and correctly. In addition you will be relieved of the burden of housework and laundry and meal preparation and grocery shopping.

Because you no longer need to bother with household chores, this actually provides you with more free time, which you can spend any way you choose. In some ways, this actually allows you a bit more independence and freedom. The staff at your community for assisted living in Laguna Woods will offer a wide variety of activities and events throughout the month, and you also can plan your own excursions or activities with friends and family.

Another common fear is that as soon as you move into a facility for assisted living in Laguna Woods, your family and friends will forget all about you. However, your friends and family can visit you at any time and if you still live in the same vicinity as your previous home, it should be relatively easy to visit. If your friends also have mobility issues or do not drive, ask a family member to bring them for a visit or have them take you to see them.

Obviously, the first few weeks at new place are an adjustment, but in addition to enjoying visits from family and friends, you are sure to meet many like-minded residents with whom you have much in common. There are so many activities at facilities for assisted living in Laguna Woods that you simply need to select a few activities that interest you and from there you will begin to meet your fellow residents.

Many people moving into assisted living in Laguna Woods also are fearful of letting strangers care for them. This is a very understandable worry and while you are visiting assisted living facilities take careful notice of how the staff interacts with the residents. If there seems to be a friendly, respectful rapport between the residents and staff then you probably have found a great facility. If the staff seems to care little for the needs of the residents, keep searching until you find a facility where the staff truly seems to enjoy their jobs and the residents also seem happy.

Also if the staff member assigned to you seems like a poor match, be sure to speak up. It will take a few days perhaps for the two of you to truly get to know one another, but not all personalities are ideally suitable for each other. Usually a change can be made or you can simply have an honest discussion with this caregiver regarding your needs.

While the move into assisted living in Laguna Woods definitely is a huge adjustment, it doesn’t follow that the adjustment will be wholly unpleasant. There are many advantages of assisted living, as these facilities provide you with daily help, healthy and delicious meals, companionship and activities. If you are ready to begin a search for an assisted living facility in your area, contact the Care Placement team today.