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Creating A Checklist For Assisted Living In Costa Mesa

These days, there are many options for eldercare and if you are searching for assisted living in Costa Mesa, the odds are good that you will be visiting many different facilities. At Care Placement, we can provide you with a list of places that meet your needs, and to narrow down the list, it can help to bring along a checklist to fill out at each community.

Your checklist should begin by listing the name of each facility and the date in which you visited. Be sure to also write down the phone numbers and emails of whoever takes you on the tour or perhaps manages the facility for assisted living in Costa Mesa. From there, you can organize your list into sections, such as the following:

1. Care Options

In this section, list all of the care needs that you or your loved one might have. For instance, perhaps you need medication management as well as help with bathing and grooming. At some facilities for assisted living in Costa Mesa, each resident will have an individualized care plan. Ask about what these plans include. Inquire as to whether or not there is an on-site nurse and what services that person can provide.

2. Resident Rooms

You probably will be shown a sample apartment and perhaps several apartment options. Make a note of what is included in each room. Are furnishings provided? If so, what furniture is provided? Can you bring your own furnishings? Make a note regarding safety features such as grab bars in the bathroom as well as call buttons residents can use to summon help. Ask about housekeeping and laundry services, as well as whether or not there is a kitchen area. Make a note of any appliances that are included or those which you might need to bring with you. Also ask about wireless internet and cable services.

 Be sure to ask about available apartments and where in the facility they are located. Get a copy of the floor plans and the cost of each type of apartment. The cost will vary based on the size of the apartment as well as the services that you need. Some facilities for assisted living in Costa Mesa include a huge variety of services and amenities in the monthly rates, and some have services that you need to add on.

3. Common Areas & Activities

There should be several common areas for residents in assisted living in Costa Mesa. This might include a game room, a TV/Movie room, a library, gardens or garden areas, exercise rooms, a swimming pool and other areas. Dedicate an area of your checklist to these common areas and jot down your impressions of these rooms on your list. Do they appear clean? Do residents seem to be using these rooms?

Each community for assisted living in Costa Mesa offers slightly different amenities and services. Ask about the types of activities offered each day on the premises as well as off-site activities. If applicable, ask the staff member giving you a tour if there are any religious services that are held at the facility.  Ask for a sample calendar featuring activities, clubs and special events that are held during the month.

4. Food Services

It's always a good idea to sample a meal when you visit a community for assisted living in Costa Mesa to truly get an impression of the quality of the food as well as the meal procedures. On your checklist, write down the scheduled meal times and ask for sample menus. If your loved one has special dietary needs, ask if these can be accommodated. Ask about additional snacks and beverages that might be available around the clock. Also inquire as to whether meals can be delivered to private rooms if a guest prefers to eat in their room.

5. Staffing & Staff Impressions

Record your observations of the staff and how they interact with each other as well as with residents. Ask about background checks as well as the level of training each staff member is required to have. Ask about emergency medical training and the procedure in place when medical emergencies occur. Be sure to ask about the staff-to-resident ratio and what to do if your loved one would like to have a new caregiver assigned to him or her.

6. Overall Impressions

This section would include items such as whether or not the facility seemed clean and in good repair. You also might include information about décor and the general look of the place. Does it seem like a cheerful, active place to live? Do residents seem happy and engaged in activities? Does everything seem organized and efficient? You can divide this category up room by room to evaluate each area.

These are just a few sections that you might wish to place on a checklist. The most important things to keep in mind as you tour each facility is whether or not your loved one's needs will be met and whether or not you think they could be happy living in the facility.