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Assisted Living In San Juan Capistrano: When To Consider Eldercare

While most adults seemingly would prefer to stay at home rather than consider board and care or assisted living in San Juan Capistrano, living independently is not always the best option. If you are an older adult or perhaps the child of an older adult, here are some signs that indicate that assisted living might be worth considering.


1. Declining Mobility

Mobility issues are a big problem for older adults. Not only do mobility issues make it difficult to walk around, it also makes it difficult to clean and maintain a home or a yard. Assisted living in San Juan Capistrano will remove the burden of household tasks and yard care, and typically an assisted living community and the apartments in which residents live are designed specifically for those who have balance and mobility issues.

For some adults, simply hiring a good housekeeper and gardener can help one continue to live at home. Decluttering the home and removing excess furnishings also can help, as well as making sure carpets are firmly tacked down without lumps and removing rugs from floors, as these can cause people to trip and fall. Falls are a very serious issue for those living alone at home, so investing in a security system specifically for older adults is a good idea. Again, at an assisted living facility, staff is on hand 24 hours a day in case someone falls or needs medical attention and this can be a big advantage.


2. The Pain Of Isolation

Even if your family members visit often and regularly include you in their plans, living alone can be lonely for many older adults. This is especially true for those with mobility issues and those who no longer drive a car. At a facility for assisted living in San Juan Capistrano, there will be many residents and plenty of social activities. This can be a huge benefit of eldercare. Depression is a serious problem for older adults, and having a variety of social opportunities can help lessen depression and keep it from occurring in the first place.


3. Healthy Eating Habits Can Decline

It’s not uncommon for older adults to have difficulty preparing healthy meals. In some cases, this again goes back to mobility and it can be hard to cook and clean. In other cases, depression or loneliness can cause interest in food to decline. When it comes to assisted living in San Juan Capistrano or another city in Orange County, there will be full meal service and snacks provided as part of the monthly fees. Typically, there is quite a variety of food to enjoy and you are far more likely to enjoy a healthier diet when good food is simply served to you rather than having to shop for food and prepare your own meals.


4. Taking Care Of Daily Chores

When you are younger, it’s easy to handle grooming, dressing and personal tasks. For many older adults, however, it becomes hard to maintain the same level of hygiene and grooming. Arthritis or perhaps the after-effects of a stroke can make it hard to wash hair, brush hair or fasten buttons and tie shoes. Help with daily grooming, dressing and even toileting and bathing can be available at a community for assisted living in San Juan Capistrano. The staff also can help ensure that medications are taken on time and taken correctly.

For those who wish to remain at home, it might be wise to consider part-time in-home care. An in-home caregiver can help with daily grooming and dressing. This caregiver also can help with medication management, and prepare breakfast and lunch. In addition, these days there are clothes and shoes designed specifically for those with mobility issues. There are also hair brushes and special grooming aids to make grooming easier.


5. Memory Impairment

It’s not uncommon for memory to decline as people age. Obviously, dementia and conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease can impair memory significantly, but even minor memory issues can cause trouble for those living at home. A person living alone might forget to pay bills or forget to take medicines or perhaps accidentally take too much medication. At your facility for assisted living in San Juan Capistrano, you have one monthly fee rather than having to pay grocery bills, utility bills, mortgage payments, etc. Life at an assisted living community simply takes a great deal of responsibility away from a person, and can make life much easier.

If you opt to stay at home rather than go to assisted living in San Juan Capistrano, then consider setting up automatic payments for all or most of your bills. You can set up pills in a plastic organizer and set a phone alarm to go off when it’s time to take medications.

Decisions about assisted living are never easy ones to make, and if you do opt to move into a facility for assisted living in San Juan Capistrano or anywhere in Orange or San Diego County, we can help. We can provide you with a free list of pre-screened facilities that meet your needs and budget criteria.

It is best to visit several different facilities and take your time during each visit. Sample a meal or two, and talk to residents to gauge their happiness level. You might have a specific city in mind when searching for assisted living, but it’s a good idea to consider a few different cities. Even if you end up a few miles farther away from your target area, you might find a fabulous facility nearby.