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Assisted Living Fountain Valley: Decorating With Style

When you move into assisted living in Fountain Valley, you will have to downsize the majority of your possessions, which definitely can be difficult. Here are a few tips that can help you maximize the space that you have and create a pleasant and homey decor.

Before you move into the apartment for assisted living in Fountain Valley, be sure to get a floor plan with exact measurements of the space. Also ask about painting the apartment to suit your tastes. Even brightening up one wall with a favorite color can help you personalize the apartment. Also inquire about what, if any, furnishings are provided and what types of furniture you can bring with you to the new place.

Keep in mind that you are probably moving into assisted living in Fountain Valley because you have some level of mobility issues. To make moving around as easy as possible, it is best to have as few pieces of furniture as possible. For instance, if you have a studio, you probably will just need a bed, nightstands, sofa, a TV and TV cabinet and perhaps a café table with two chairs. The furnishings should be comfortable yet easy for someone to get out of if they have mobility issues or perhaps arthritis. Make sure that it's very easy to move around the apartment, particularly for someone with a cane or walker.

Storage is always an issue with a small apartment for assisted living in Fountain Valley. Under-bed storage bins can help you maximize space as well as furnishings such as an ottoman with built-in storage. Instead of a small TV cabinet, you might line a wall with a large, but thin bookshelf where you can place the TV, a DVD player, a small CD player, books and other items. Organize belongings in decorative baskets for easy storage. For the top, hard-to-reach shelves, consider placing silk plants as added decoration.

Meaningful decoration is always a good idea when working with a small space. Instead of generic painting, consider decorating a wall with framed family photographs. It's a great way to personalize an apartment for assisted living in Fountain Valley without compromising usable space. Dressing a bed with your loved one's favorite quilts and pillows also makes the space more comforting.

If you are allowed to paint the apartment rooms at your facility for assisted living in Fountain Valley, make thoughtful color choices. You might use a paint color similar to a favorite room back at your loved one's old home or you might choose colors based upon the theories of color therapy. This is using color as a therapeutic tool, which can be an excellent option for someone who is making this huge adjustment. Colors such as shades of blue and green are calming, peaceful colors. Some color therapists say that blue can reduce stress and even help with insomnia, which is a common issue with older adults.

If painting is not an option at your community for assisted living in Fountain Valley, consider options such as using decorative contact paper to liven up an area. Contact paper won't damage walls or cabinetry and a little pop of color here and there can liven up any space. Even if you just decorate one wall with contact paper, it can really personalize your apartment.

These are just a few ideas that might help you transform a basic assisted living apartment into a comfortable retreat that you enjoy. If your loved one is about to move into assisted living in Fountain Valley, consider creating a decorating plan just for them to help make this huge adjustment a bit more comfortable.