Different Levels Of Independent Living

There may come a time when you, a parent or an aging loved one no longer feels comfortable living in your home but is not yet ready or does not yet need nursing home care.

The retirement of the baby boomer generation has coincided with the increasing popularity of independent living communities, which come in all shapes and sizes and provide different levels of support for their community members.

At its core, an independent living community offers housing to seniors, allowing them to be in close contact with those in their age group who have lived through similar experiences. This feature alone attracts many seniors to such communities.

Many independent living communities also offer special services for their residents, including dining options, activities and facilities on the ground. While some communities do not offer personal care or monitor a resident’s physical condition, other communities combine assisted living units and a nursing facility with independent units. Residents in these communities may have the ability to move from independent units to assisted living units when the time arises.

The quality of these different communities also varies greatly. There are very high-end independent living communities that can include golf courses and prime condo and housing options, while other communities consist of a single government-subsidized apartment building.

California has many different independent living communities to choose from. If you are interested in learning about the independent living communities in your area, contact Care Placement at (619) 660-8814.

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