Comparing The Costs Of Board And Care In Del Mar Vs. Living At Home

A recent cost survey by insurance company Genworth Financial indicated that the median monthly rates for a one-bedroom assisted living or board and care apartment in California will run about $3,750 per month. Certainly, this seems like a great expense, but it can be manageable. It can help to compare the costs of living at home versus paying for board and care in Del Mar or another San Diego-area city.

If you live in a private home, let’s assume for a moment that you own this home outright and have no mortgage payment. If this is the case, you will still have to pay property tax each year as well as homeowner’s insurance and perhaps pay for a home warranty. The average home value in San Diego County is about $465,000 which means that you would pay approximately $4,650 per year for property tax. The average cost of homeowners’ insurance is about $1,000 in California and a home warranty costs about $300 per year. So far, you have about $5,950 in yearly house expenses.

Of course, this doesn’t include the monthly cost of utilities such as water, electricity, natural gas and trash services. These vary, of course, but water and electricity can be especially expensive in California. You might expect to spend several thousands of dollars on utilities each year. You also might be paying for landscaping services, a housecleaner, a security system and other miscellaneous monthly expenses. When you opt for board and care in Del Mar, you don’t have to pay for property tax, homeowners insurance and any house repairs. Usually the only utility you will pay for would be your cellular phone bill.

If you have a car and still drive, there are also many expenses related to car ownership even if you own your car entirely. Typically when you move into a board and care facility, there are transportation services available so you might really not need to have a car anymore. While it might be hard to give up that independence, it can be nice to not have to worry about car maintenance and repairs and to quit paying those high California insurance premiums each month.

In addition, your monthly fees at a home for board and care in Del Mar or assisted living community typically include three meals per day plus snacks. While you certainly can purchase some snacks and drinks for your room or apartment, you do drastically cut your grocery bill when you move into a care facility.

In the case above, with no mortgage payment, it might seem more feasible financially to stay in your home. That’s probably true for those in good health with little to no mobility issues. However, if you are at the point where it’s tough to handle housekeeping and home repair tasks, yard maintenance or even daily personal care, board and care in Del Mar can be worth the extra expense.

At a facility for board and care, you won’t have to cook, clean or do laundry. You won’t have to do yard work, make home repairs or deal with any home-related hassles. You also will have someone on hand to help with a variety of personal grooming and bathing tasks. This can be tough you have some health issues, such as arthritis, which makes it difficult to do tasks such as brushing your hair or perhaps getting dressed, etc.

Another advantage of board and care in Del Mar is that you cut the number of bills you pay per month. You pay the monthly fee to the board and care home, pay for your cell phone, perhaps a credit card bill and possibly insurance, but that’s about it. The typical homeowner has to deal with dozens of different bills each month, and this can be overwhelming. Make a list of everything you pay each month and yearly and determine the costs. You probably will be surprised how much it is, even if you don’t have a mortgage payment.

The cost of board and care in Del Mar also typically includes a variety of daily, weekly and monthly activities. These activities do vary from facility to facility, but often these amenities as well as the social aspect of living in a home with several or many other residents can be a huge perk.  Seniors who live alone and have difficulty with mobility or transportation can be very prone to depression. In a board and care or assisted living facility, you will have plenty of socialization going on and this can make all the difference in your life.

In general, living in your own home can be less expensive, but you tend to get a lot for your money in an assisted living facility or home for board and care in Del Mar. If you need extra help and want to stay in your home, this private care can be quite expensive and, again, you can get very lonely living alone. If you wish to start looking at your board and care options, contact Care Placement today. We will be able to find you a great facility that fits within your budget and provides you with the care and amenities that you need.

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