Assisted Living Escondido: Before You Select A Facility

If you are considering moving into a facility for assisted living in Escondido, you probably have hundreds of questions and more than a few concerns. There are many assisted living communities in San Diego County, and to select the best possible facility for your needs, consider the following information.

Making the decision to live in a community for assisted living in Escondido or anywhere in San Diego County is really the hardest part of the process. It’s not easy to consider leaving your private home and giving away many possessions, but there are many advantages to assisted living in Escondido.

For instance, someone else will handle your housework and laundry, and you no longer will have to worry about making costly home repairs. Your meals will be prepared for you and you’ll never have to clean up. In addition, many older adults need help with grooming, dressing and bathing, and assisted living facilities have trained professionals on hand to help with these tasks.

In addition, you will find many activities and amenities to enjoy at your new home, and there are plenty of other residents on hand for socialization. Often as mobility decreases and you have given up your car, it can be difficult for older adults to spend time with friends and they often tend to be alone. This isn’t the case while residing in a community for assisted living in Escondido as there are many other residents.

While there are many advantages, the whole process of finding assisted living in Escondido can seem daunting. At Care Placement, our goal is to make the process as easy as possible. We are a free service that will provide you with a list of suitable facilities in Escondido or anywhere else in San Diego or Orange County.

Our lists include a variety of different pre-screened facilities. Some are large communities with private and shared apartments, while others are smaller board and care facilities that offer a more intimate, homelike setting. Before you begin your search, it is wise to compile a list of important information.

Make a list that includes everything you need and want while living at this community for assisted living in Escondido. This includes what level of daily care you need currently as well as what you anticipate needing in the future. For instance, you might be completely independent right now, but anticipate that eventually you will need some help with dressing and grooming. Be sure to check what services are included in the monthly fees and which services cost extra.

In addition to your daily needs, think about the social aspect of your new home for assisted living in Escondido. Some people love the bustle of a large assisted living community, while others might be happier in a smaller setting. Think about the types of activities you love and find a facility that includes a few of your favorite activities included in the rates.

Most communities provide many weekly and monthly social events, as well as offering fitness classes and perhaps a swimming pool. Other types of classes and entertainment also often are included in the rates, as well as some transportation. Again, it’s wise to be very clear about what services and amenities are included in your monthly fees. 

Budget is always an important consideration, and assisted living can be expensive. However, keep in mind that you will no longer have some typical household expenses. You won’t have to pay for a mortgage, home insurance, groceries or utilities.

Most assisted living facilities include all utilities except for telephone service, and food service generally includes three meals each day as well as additional snacks and beverages. Obviously, many assisted living facilities include apartments with small kitchenettes so you might wish to purchase a small amount of food and beverages for your own private use.

At Care Placement, we always recommend visiting several different facilities and perhaps more than one time. Eat a meal at each facility and talk to the residents. Don’t be shy about asking questions, and be sure you get everything in writing. Have a trusted family friend or even an attorney go over your contract prior to signing on the dotted line.

Moving into a home for assisted living in Escondido or anywhere else is a big change, but while that can seem a bit scary, this new chapter of your life also can be very positive. Without chores or other obligations, you are free to engage in activities you truly enjoy and leave the work to someone else, and this can reduce stress and make life quite a bit more enjoyable in general.

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