Helping A Loved One Transition Into Assisted Living In Anaheim

As people grow older, they certainly can become quite set in their ways and can be quite stubborn and this can make the move into assisted living in Anaheim tricky. There are significant changes involved when an elderly person has to move into an assisted living facility. Some might resist the move altogether and it is essential to help them understand why they have to move. Every care and assistance as well as understanding must be provided for the elderly person to make the move. How can you help your loved one transition into assisted living in Anaheim? Here are some tips to help a loved one transition into assisted living.

Emphasize The Advantages Of The Facility

It is essential to discuss the advantages of moving into a facility for assisted living in Anaheim. You can talk about the fact that they will have very few things to worry about because everything including their laundry, cooking and other things will be taken care of. You can stress on the fact that your loved one will have more time for people and for activities that are important to them and this will help them reduce stress and remain happy.

Be Prepared & Positive About Moving

In order to remain helpful to the loved one in transition, you must be prepared and positive about assisted living. Even before moving into assisted living in Anaheim, it is essential to help your loved one psychologically. Make sure what needs to be done is taken care of and make sure you watch your loved one and reassure them because they will definitely be anxious. Don’t keep them out of decisions and conversations about moving to the facility and always remain positive about everything.

Look For A Facility That Is Similar To Home

To help a loved one transition into assisted living in Anaheim, try as much as possible to find one that is almost similar to their home. The room that they will stay in should be prepared so that they feel like they are truly at home and not a hotel or rented apartment. Putting up pictures and making sure that some of their favorite items from the old home are present in the new room will help. Do everything you can to help them adjust by making the room very comfortable and as warm as it can be. 

Help With Sorting & Disposal

It is very easy for someone to become overwhelmed when they have to sort and dispose of items before they move into assisted living in Anaheim. This is especially true when they go through stuff and find things that trigger memories. Moving can be very stressful especially when they have to part with possessions that they have held for very long. Helping them to sort things out, dispose of things and then set up in the new facility.

Typically, the new apartment will be very small; so many beloved items will have to go. In some cases, it might be wise to place some items in a storage unit, so that a person won’t have to deal with getting rid of everything all at once. Also, if possible, give away special items to friends and family members who truly will appreciate the gift. Holding a large garage sale also is a good idea as this can raise money to help pay for assisted living in Anaheim.

There are many excellent facilities for assisted living in Anaheim. At Care Placement, we can help you find an assisted living community or board and care home in Anaheim or anywhere within Orange County or San Diego County. Our services are free, so give us a call today and we will help you find the ideal facility for your loved one.

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