Tips for Transitioning to Assisted Living

As people grow older, they can become set in their ways and stubborn. This can make moving into Assisted Living in tricky. Some might resist the move because of the significant change involved. It can be difficult for loved ones to help them see why they have to move. It is important to show compassion and understanding when explaining the coming changes to an older person. How can you help your loved one while transitioning to Assisted Living?

Be Prepared & Positive About Moving

Before bringing up the topic with your loved one, prepare for the conversation. Anticipate how the idea might impact them emotionally and how you might reassure them. Have your thoughts and options organized to help keep the subject clear.

During the process, don’t exclude your loved one from important decisions and conversations about moving to the facility. They need to feel like their opinion and wishes are taken into consideration. If they seem overwhelmed or you notice signs of anxiety, offer to help with practical aspects of transitioning to Assisted Living. Try your best to remain positive throughout the whole process.

A woman consoling her aging mother.

Emphasize The Advantages Of The Facility

It is essential to discuss the advantages of moving into a facility for Assisted Living. You can talk about the fact that they will have very few things to worry about because everything will be taken care of, including their laundry, cooking, and other household chores. You can emphasize that your loved one will have more time for people and for activities that are important to them. This will help them reduce stress and remain happy.

Look For A Facility That Is Similar To Home

To help a loved one transition into assisted living, try as much as possible to find one that resembles their home. Arrange and decorate their room so that they feel like they are truly at home and not a hotel or rented apartment. Put up pictures, and make sure that some of their favorite items from the old home are present in the new room. Making the room comfortable and as warm as it can be will help them adjust to the new environment. 

Help With Sorting & Disposal

Sadly, your loved one won’t be able to bring all of their belongings to their new home. Sorting and disposing of the items they can’t bring can be an overwhelming task. Even worse, much of what must be left behind has sentimental value and can trigger memories. If your loved one is stressed about parting with possessions they have had for a long time, helping them decide what to keep could ease the burden. It can also be a good opportunity for your loved one to reminisce. Of course, also help them set up in their new room or apartment.

If getting rid of beloved items proves to be too hard, consider giving some special pieces to friends and family members who will appreciate them. You can also store some things in a storage unit to change out from time to time. For the items that your loved one doesn’t mind parting with, it could be a good idea to hold a garage or estate sale. This can raise money to help pay for Assisted Living.

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